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had MRA done this week

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I received different opinions from doctors about whether I needed a repeat catheter angiogram. 3 docs said no, 2 docs said yes. I had a follow up CTA 14 days after my bleed and it showed nothing.

Even the doctors who said I should have a repeat catheter angiogram said the likelyhood of finding an aneurysm was 1 out of 100.

I was willing to get the test done but it was such a hassle (and expensive) I decided to have an MRA as my long term follow up test.

Its been 8 months since my bleed.

The test was pretty easy to do, 10 minutes in the machine and it wasnt claustrophbic at all. No contrast was used.

Results showed no evidence of intercranial aneurysms.

My research seems to indicate new MRI machines (3t) are pretty good at small aneurysm detection.

I feel a little more reassured since the test was done 8 months later which gives time for thrombosed anni's to resolve.

I guess these PNASAH bleeds are just a mystery.

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Glad all went well and the results were good. I too had NSAH 10months ago, i have now given up trying to work out why it happened, it's truly is a mystery. I had 2 angigrams and a MRI 6 weeks later. When i went back to see neruo i was told all was clear and no further tests to be done. I think we can't believe somthing so serious that happened to us has no more follow up!!

Take care Rhiann x

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It is really hard to accept that we almost died from a bleed in the brain but the experts can't find the cause of the bleed.

Surfer, one of your links in a different thread is from the Doctor's app 'Up to Date'. The information suggests that the cause is unknown because the vein that bled was obliterated at the time of the bleed. When the tests are performed to find the bleeding vein nothing is found because the vein is gone.

That explanation makes the most sense to me. I've always used language such as 'my head blew up' and 'I had a brain explosion' to describe what happened to me. When I read the theory that the bleeding vein was obliterated it made sense.

Now, if my symptoms in recovery would just go away too all would be good! :lol:

Sandi K.

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