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  1. I had my bleed three years ago and I still have daily headaches . I'm off for a MRI on Wednesday just to check things , but all other test normally. As my doctor says on paper I'm very healthy , but he does know different . Lets hope they settle soon , every year I hold out for them to rack off !!
  2. Thanks everyone, well I have four children and I have taken more work on in the last nine months , it's all caught up with me!! Very depressing to go so for backwards when you think you have turned a corner! Great news about the baby Lin , hang in there it does get easier My legs hurt me everyday , and I ache across my chest very day , I've come to the conclusion that it is nerve damage . My GP has tested me for everything. I felt very dizzy yesterday and call into doctors as I nearly passed out , which has not happened before. My GP wasn't there so they just tested my blood sugars which w
  3. Hi everyone , two and half years on and still having really bad days . I suffer with dizziness , headaches, nausea that is debilitating , and fatigue . I have a long run of good days then I feel like someone drags me back to square one! Doctors can't give me any answers, just feeling very frustrated! Any advice or anyone else feel the same ???
  4. Hi Sandi, I am 15months on now since SAH and i work Thur and Fridays 6hr shifts. Some weeks are fine and can still do things after , like cook dinner for the family but other weeks i just come home and thats it, cant function cant cope with the children or cook, thank god for my husband that takes over. It is getting better but i suppose i have no quiet days as i have four children and i house to run as well as work. I pushed mysself back into work, it was a way , i thought , that i could be normal again. But i learnt the hard way and did to much to fast and took a big backward s
  5. I too am like Traci, im 12 months on too but go through stages, fatgiue is a big factor.
  6. I too feel just as Lin said, mental fatgiue, talking to people can be the most draining. I recently have had a bad patch of this and went to the doctors with it, who run some test all came back "normal" ! got appointment with him 2mrow and im going to try and explain how i feel as you have all describe as it is how i feel. I can be scary after thinking you where doing so well, then it snecks back up on you and scares the hell out of you again. When i get this fatgiue i find old symtoms come back , as aching in my neck , shoulders and across my chest, my left arms feels heavy and abit numb and
  7. Hello and welcome to the site, You will find that you are never alone once you have joined the site, there is always somone on here who can answer your questions. Take care Rhiann x
  8. Hello and welcome to the site, what a amazing recovery , but remember to rest and listen to your body. Take care Rhiann
  9. Hello and welcome to the site Ian , i'm from North Wales and now live in Perth Australia, but i do miss my motherland now and again Take care Rhiann
  10. Hi Michael, welcome to the site:-D Take care Rhiann
  11. Warm welcome to the site Kelly Rhiann x
  12. Well thats Aussie drivers for you!!!!! So sorry your having such a time:frown: But it can only get better for now on:-D Hopfully yoou have seen your GP and arrangede some couselling , You can go and get all your venting out with them, it truly does help. I found my headaches were and still are worse when im feeling ill with anything else, also around the time of the month:frown: Monday is another week, a better week !!! Give us a call if you need to vent or just chat Take care Rhiann x
  13. Thanks everyone for you encouragment, i took it on board and my husband had the day off work and we went out for breakfast and thought *** it we will go out for lunch too!!! Felt abit werid at 5pm and still feel abit eirey, but will be glad to see 2mrow!!!! Everyone take care thanks for always beening their and understanding:-D Take care Rhiann xxxxx
  14. Welcome to the site, i too find that i am more likely to cry at anything now, if happy or sad. Take care Rhiann xx
  15. Thanks Louise (((()))) xxxxxx I know i should be shouting from the roof tops "i'm alive" Hopfully after the 15th i will !!
  16. Welcome to the site, it helped me no end, i'm sure it will for you. Take care Rhiann x
  17. Welcome Kate,, I've PM you as i live in Perth, please get in touch if you need anything. Im was 34 when i had my NSAH and i am 12months on and have returned to work, but it did take time;-) Rest and drink plenty of water it will help with the headaches. And yes daytime TV sucks!!! Im sick of Dr Phil !! Take care Rhiann xxxxx
  18. On the 15th june at 5pm it will be 12months since my life changed forever! I'm feeling very werid about it , depressed i think, i thought i would be happy to see it but infact i feel like i wont get there!! My symtons are better, but still have days when i just have to stop and give into it. Does this depression ever go away? Should i just be happy i made it?? Been so down not even been able to read the treads as im trying to run away from it, but it just comes with me!! Thanks for letting me moan and groan Rhiann xxxx
  19. Hiya Hazel and welcome to the site, I to rushed back to work to early at 9weeks, this only knocked me back in my recovery , i felt worse than when i came out of hosptial !! Now 11months on i'm back to work and doimg alot better, still get exhasted but can handle it better now.You and your family only suffer if you go back to early and push yourself to hard. My husband and four kids did'nt know what to do with me. I to suffer with depression and have learnt to cope with it, i'm in couselling and find this a big help. I think it is part of recove
  20. Interesting reading thanks for posting , i've not found such a recent study when i;ve been looking , so great that you found it
  21. :-DWelcome to the site Simon, When i went into a&e they told me and my husband that it was a migrane even though i had lost my speech at the time and had no feeling in my legs!! Only that my husband pushed them that they sent me for a CT scan and boy did they change attiude when i came out of the scan:roll: I often wonder if i was back home in North Wales if they would have picked it up or sent me home. My local hosptial was Wrexham, as i born there and lived there. So from your experience Jan they would have!! Makes me proud to be Welsh:lol: But i mus
  22. Hiya Carolyn, Sorry to read things are tuff for you at the moment. I too was brought up in a house where you put on a smile and did'nt talk about how you truly felt. I've learnt from this SAH that this no longer works for me ( don't think it ever did ) i now say im not feeling up to it today or i feel depressed, this has been hard as it goes aganist all i have ever known. I now tell my kids to talk about how they truly feel and since then my two eldest are going to couselling because what they have been through ( they found me in the bedroom in a seizure when i had the SAH
  23. Glad all went well and the results were good. I too had NSAH 10months ago, i have now given up trying to work out why it happened, it's truly is a mystery. I had 2 angigrams and a MRI 6 weeks later. When i went back to see neruo i was told all was clear and no further tests to be done. I think we can't believe somthing so serious that happened to us has no more follow up!! Take care Rhiann x
  24. Deb my GP did give me temaze 10mg for sleep, i had them about three weeks after the SAH so about three weeks before MRI. When i went back to Charlies to see neruo they said if they are working it was fine, so ask your GP to phone them in Charlies if you are still suffering x
  25. I to can have problems getting to sleep, and some nights wake up in the middle of the night for no reason.And also some nights i get very little sleep, i find this happens when i im exhasted, i lay there for hours telling myself to go to sleep, on these nights i feel my heart pounding in my body and head and i scents of unease.
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