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SAH of unknown Etiology

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Just descovered this site, thought I'd join as I had a NASAH on 8th May. Mine was classed as a level 1 bleed so not that bad apparently ? I was in Hospital for 17 nights whilst I had the various tests and repeat tests, which all proved negative for aneurysms and other arterial faults. So basically unknown cause. Not much info or advice on leaving hospital, mind you, I didn't hang around. Couldn't wait to get out and home !

I was back at work (office based) 1 month following the bleed and back in the gym shortly after (taking it very easy though). Not really getting headaches but head does feel 'fuzzy' from time to time and have a slight 'ringing' in my head, which comes and goes. Apart from that I think I'm back to 'normal'. Enjoying reading the other posts which have been helpful and informative. Anyone else getting the 'ringing', let me know.

I checked with he hospital who tell me it is normal to experience 'strange' feelings in the months post bleed.

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Hi and welcome to the site

I had an aneurysmal SAH but there are many on here who have experienced non-annie SAH, and I am sure they will be along soon to offer some words of wisdom for you.

Noise has been an issue for me but not ringing (that I can recall) and I find I can almost hear a pin drop at times! And all different noises at once can be almost deafening.

I did phone the brain & spine foundation to ask about head pains, and burning sensations I used to get more often, and they also said it is quite normal to experience strange sensations in our heads after SAH; particularly a trickling-water sensation, which I personally have not experienced.

Can't recall having ringing...although a memory of it may come back at a later date of course! :roll:

It sounds like you are recovering well and getting back to your pre-SAH life. Glad you are here.

Take care


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