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hearing and feeling heartbeat

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Does anyone else have this sensation. Sometimes usually when im resting i can hear my heartbeat or pulse, and it feels like my whole body moving with the beat. I swa my GP who said not to worry its fine. Also sometimes when i stand up or move i can hear the pulsing in my ear for a few minutes. GP said this was fine too. Im assuming this is all part of the aftermath from a SAH along with the trying to sleep but cant as i feel so aggitated.

Take care

Traci S xxx

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Hi Traci,

Did your gp check your blood pressure?

I had my SAH nearly a yr ago, six months ago I started suffering from tinnitus and I also get a whooshing / pulsing type thing in my right ear, only really notice it when moving when laying down. I spoke to the neuro nurse specialist at the hospital and she told me to get my gp to refer me for a check up at neuro out patients. Which I had, all is ok.

I learned from this site when I've asked questions that all this seems pretty normal and a lot of people go through it. It's the same with sleep, a common problem too so I've found out.

Maybe you should chat to your gp again.

SarahLou Xx

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