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    I'm a survivor of a few rough journeys over the past 10+ yrs. Have a wonderful hub who I love with all my heart,soul and right kidney(I donated to him nov 06) and we have a beautiful daughter who gives us laughter,light and strength.
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    Walking, reading, skipping around the house!!
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    Hospital Pharmacy Dispenser
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    SAH 25/08/10 clipped 27/08/10

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  1. This is beautiful Sarah, I danced round the living room and sang loudly for our Win.. Xx
  2. Hi Matthew, A huge warm welcome to BTG Some great advise from others so far. Firstly well done on posting this, it couldn’t have been easy. As others have already said I think it would be a great idea for your wife to look in on this amazing site. It’s almost 10 years since my SAH. And sadly yes, fatigue still gets me bad. I had a career change after my SAH, now only working 21 hours a week. I’ve also tried changing my shifts/work days to see what works best. I now do my hours spread over four days with a rest day on Wednesdays. For the first fe
  3. Sarah, I’m so so sorry to hear this sad news. Over the years dear Win gave me such strength and lots of laughter, through some very difficult times. Heaven has gained a truly amazing bright star. I shall sing out loud for you lovely Win. Much love and great big gentle hugs to you all SarahLou Xx
  4. Hi Bill, It’s truly great to see you back here, I too have been ‘missing’ for a while from BTG. I totally get everything you’ve said. Its over 8 years on for me and I’m still not near to finding acceptance. The things you say about balance issues, double vision, not being able to cross a road... yep, that’s me too. Last Friday was a horrendous day at work for me, I am in constant pain and due to that I was loosing concentration and I made errors, I ranted and raved and wanted to pull the clip from the middle of my brain. I cried so much I th
  5. I’ve just finished reading this book and it was brilliant! I highly recommend it. It made me laugh and it made me cry, I can relate to so much of it. It’s made me view some things in a very different way now. Thanks for the recommendation Kay. SL Xx
  6. I have also struggled with going to the cinema, it’s over 7 years since my SAH and I’ve only been to the cinema a couple of times. It’s so loud! I take ear plugs and wear sunglasses, I must look like a crazy woman! The last film I saw was Fantastic Beasts (no way was I missing that!!) however I waited until it was on the smaller screen and it was so much better. There’s going to be two films I want to see this year so it’ll be interesting to see how I cope with those. Another thing I struggle with,but make myself do,is a theatre trip now and again with a dear bud, that has got
  7. Hi Krislwal, I’m sorry to hear you’re in such pains with the headaches and of such difficult struggles in your life. Wise words from Macca, his words have given me great support, strength and understanding over the years. Also good advice from The Super, drinking plenty of water really does help. Me, well I’m over 7 years in and I still have headaches and temple pressure every single day. I honestly can’t remember what it’s like not to have them. I wake up with headaches every day, they take about an hour to ease off. So my start to the day is qui
  8. I totally agree with Karen and Skippy, I also loved reading before my brain got re-arranged and missed it dreadfully. It took a very long time and a lot of patience but I’ve got back to it, in fact last year I read all the Harry Potter books! I’m very proud of that!! I am more mindful now though, I have to make sure the print isn’t too small etc. It has to be a good book that grips me from the first page. My Stroke Of Insight looks like it will be a very good read. SL Xx
  9. My Dearest Paul, Lin is the brightest star in the sky. You are in our thoughts and prayers. With much love to you, Sarah-Louise, Paul and Caitlin Xx
  10. Sending you and Lin much love Paul, you're in my thoughts and prayers. SL Xx
  11. Good luck Maya, your'll be in my thoughts and prayers. SL .. Xx
  12. Hello Jan, I'm sorry to hear that you've been having these troubles, I think it's a good idea to have a chat with your Optomitrist. There are other methods of having the pressures of the eyes checked, next time you have a full eye examination explain the issue you had so that you don't have to go through that experience again, I'm sure that it was rather frightening for you. Although you have a new varifocal prescription it is worth remembering that when we are over the age of 40 then presbyopia does start (the lens of the eye begins to get stiff and less ab
  13. Hello Jan, I'm over 6 years down the line and I still get good days and bad. It was after the 2 year mark for me that things started to improve. You have done amazing, remember how far you have come and try not to be so tough on yourself. Have patience and understanding. Remember that it is OK not to be OK. I've been having a few issues so have been back to see my Neuro Nurse Specialist and Consultant. Neuro Nurse said to me that there will always be times, for all brain injury patients, that they jog along fine and then something gets thrown int
  14. Gill, My dear friend. I know that you're so saddened by this news, it's such a blunt reminder of how close we came. As Jess says, it wasn't your time. This is a very tough lesson for all the children to learn. It sounds like the school are doing all they can. Nathan has two very loving parents, you will guide him through with any questions he may have. I'm here for you, 24-7 SarahLou Xx
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