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3 Months on

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Hi,I have just found you all today I had my SAH in August this year and trying hard to get on with my life I have come through with no physical scars but it seems a few mental dents and bruises.I am learning to cope with my new way of life slowly I don't need my memory list every day any-more now my family just take the mickey when I do forget things which even I laugh at now.Its nice to meet you all.:wink:

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Hello Welcome to BTG.

My SAH was two years ago tomorrow (21 Nov 2009) so I am a bit further down the line than you.

I remember the three month mark as one of frustration and wanting to get my life back immediately. I felt that three months had been long enough to be unwell and I found it very frustrating when people told me it was early days and to rest lots.

One of my mistakes was to think obsessively about how I was before my SAH and became overly focused at getting back to that level. My recovery became easier when I measured things differently. I then began looking back at the month before and focusing on how I had improved.

The emotional and psychological affect of a SAH can be quite deep, although not with everyone. Some are less affected, but my personal experience is that the psychological affects have been the most 'disabling.' This does not mean it will happen to you however.

I receive help from Headway as do others here. I receive counselling, attend coffee afternoons and I attend social events which I feel I can cope with. Here is a link http://www.headway.org.uk/home.aspx


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I had my NASAH in July this year and still struggling with fatigue and headaches. I am new to this site and the information you get from reading everyone's posts is second to non. My family and friends constantly take the micky out of me when I have mental blocks half way through conversations or just look at them blank when they are expecting an answer from me. For my latest trick, I have now developed a lisp when I get tired....

I have been taking the advice from BTG and the best bit is, you are not alone.

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