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Feeling Good

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Good morning all

Went for my Rehab appointment yesterday the doc says that I am making a remarkable recovery (SAH Aug 2011) and that she doesn't want to see me again for 4 months,I must admit I am feeling really good the past 2-3 weeks I've only had a couple of bad days when I've had to take pain killers for my headache.I have an appointment with the neurologist on the 28th of this month my first since leaving hospital after my coiling, now the silly part is I now worry about feeling so well and keep waiting for the knock down does anybody else feel like this?:confused:


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Hi Ron,

I know exactly what you mean, I am 2.5 years on and still treat good days with an element of trepidation, although with time the good, well I refer to them as 'normal days' as that what it feels like as oppose to good, but anyway over time they increase and the dark days decrease so even when I am having a string of 'normal days' I know it won't last but equally have been into the darkness and out the other side so many times I know that normality will return again soon when the darkness comes back. Hope that makes sense! Good luck in those gales you have on the way!

kind regards


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Hi Ron,

I think we all feel like that. I know I have times when I haven't slept during the day for a few days & I think, 'great that bit has got better', then I spend 2 days in bed exhausted! The best thing is to enjoy those 'good' times while they last, if the crash comes, try to keep in mind that it will pass and good days will be back.

Best wishes


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