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First full day back at work.

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Hello All:

I'm sorry I havent been around much but much going on w my wife's health. No I'm not back to work full time. But this past Thursday I worked a whole ONE day 8-5 b/c my co-worker had a dr appt. Let me just tell ya it nearly killed me. I was ok til 1 but had to eat and it was a very busy day. I went home and was fried but just rested and went to bed. But the next day had to be in at 8 again and worked til 12 and we had office Xmas party. This lasted til 3:30. I was just beat. SO i went to my friends house and gave him the leftovers from our party. Went home and had a few drinks (a mistake) and went to bed. Hope this week is better.


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Hi David, it is a struggle. Plan ahead as much as you can. Plan your schedule in advance and include breaks and quiet time so you don't end up in trouble. Easier said than done! I'm just learning this from rehab now so sharing what I'm learning. I hope it helps and I hope you have a better week.

Sandi K.

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