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Anyone in Leeds like me

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Hi all, am Paul and i live in Leeds west yorkshire

19 years ago i had a SAH and it was clipped. I dont remember much at all only what i have been told. I returned to work within a few months and have worked ever since. I have had no help at all from anyone. No NHS help and have never returned to the LGI in Leeds since the day i walked out. I say walked out as am lead to belive that i discharge myself at 10 pm only days after the opp.

But it's now i find am having problems. Or is it now i can see my problems? My memory is getting worse i have a short temper and i get mad with my self to list but a few problems. I work over 60 hours a week and really it's not possible to change my hours with the job i do. I have been told i can get help from the goverment with a thing called DWA ? Thats ok but the thought of filling in forms really bothers me. I have thought about a change of job so of i went to the job center near where i live and i was told by staff there that they could not help me at all with anything i asked as i was not unemployed? I wanted to enquire about help with money and going to collage thats all.

Really what am saying is it's good to talk and i havent at all with anyone. Face to face is always best. All i have done is spoken for a few minutes with a lady from head way. I would like to know is there anyone in the Leeds area who after a long time after a SAH opp they feel they are going down hill? The GP is not really interested or he does not know enough. Anyone who can help....talk....maybe meet for a coffiee and a chat......please help i do not know where to turn now. Many thanks for taking time to read what i have to say


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Hi Paul

Warm welcome to the site, glad you found us.

Sorry Im in Scotland but if there's anyone in your area they'll let you know...

Gosh, walking out and back to work so quick, maybe its DLA but whatever dont be put off by form filling you can get help with that.

I think Headway is a good place to start you say you only spoke for a few minutes maybe isnt enough to find out just whats out there for you.

but as a start its good you found us.

take care

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hi paul, I cannot imgaine working 60 hours a week. I wish I were nearer and could be support for you. I find this is the only place I find people like me. I don't get angry I just shut down and cannot process. I worked for the first time 3 1/2 day this week and this weekend I am in awful pain. My head is killling me and I cannot get anything done. I was just at work with my boss on phone giving me doses etc for a sick animal and I was like a 4 year old. I was like SLOW DOWN I cannot process that fast and I use to be a mover and shaker that ran the vet clinic I work at. My SAH was 16 weeks ago. You can just send me messages and I can listen or email me. BUT I am in the USA. Good lUck ,mary

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Hi Paul glad you've found us unfortunately I don't live in your area either but as Louise has said if anyone does live close by I'm sure they will let you know. A lot of us are not as far along in recovery as you are but many of us are learning to live with the after effects. This site is a life safer to many as it allows us to chat with others who are in a similar situation so feel free to ask questions and vent your feelings, there is always someone who will respond.

Hope you manage to get some help from Headway and look forward to hearing more from you.

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