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  1. Warm welcome back Davie... great sleuthing Subs thank-you I know what a treat for the memorie is when you see that.... take care and stay-safe.
  2. sending you cyber hugs for a speedy recovery.
  3. Hi there I worried for a long time about it happening again, what if the clips moved as time passes this became less of an issue, move forward with it I did best thing... But if your worried yes speak to your GP or your Neuro doctor... Wishing you well, stay-safe.
  4. Well done on your 9th Ani-versary... onward and forward take care, stay-safe
  5. Hi there just wanted to say Hello and welcome to the site glad that you found us. Wonderful replies... SAH doesnt know age anyone can have one.... We all know what and how you feel, I hope the site helps you in many ways. take care
  6. Your in no way alone in thinking how long, why, etc.... also being told 6 months 'you'll be fine' takes longer - sorry. BUT it will happen slowly but inprovements will happen... enjoy your shopping and haircut Ah! a haircut is like medicine.... Keep hydrated....
  7. Hi Michelle I thought I'd replied to this Doh!!! Congrats honey 7 years, you have made me smile with your post keep getting stronger and stronger.... You've acheived so much. Yep, missed you posting but dont be a stranger.... Stay-safe and take care
  8. I got PIP and know what you mean, I went to CAB (Citizen advice) they filled in the form which is good in two ways saves you the headache and the other and more inportant is they know exactly the way to word it (as it can all hinge on a word or phrase) and No there is no normal day each one is different you go with your bad days. I also get ESA and their are different groups to this so dont be put off, the lovely people at CAB sorted me out.
  9. Hi there Warm welcom to the site, glad that you found us. Keeping yourself well hydrated does help with headaches - cure No help Yes, although maybe not with you having to take tramadol. I was on that after broke my elbow and 'its not for me' hope you find some help advice here...
  10. Yes my tolerance to Tv got better over time. At the time of mine there wasnt really computers or phones well not in the house anyway mine was 1999 so it was all pretty much in the start of technology at home.
  11. Hey there No, never seen my scans, dont know the size of the Anni, where its at or anything... Its just something over time I've gotten used to.. I or maybe it was my Husband did ask why! was I born with it but they didnt know.. Take things easy I think tirednes comes along with the rain those days are nightmare for me... take care.
  12. We DO all process things differently just as we all initially have the SAH we are all different in how we deal, manage it.... I guess for me since its been a long time my only advice which I wished I had received years ago is Dont let it consume you, dont try to find out why! what could I have done differently! what did I do! what should I have done! all those questions (and that's narrowed down have to say) ate at me for a long time..
  13. Hi there I like that name to a name! yes no explanation is required.. My brain can't cope with numbers, so my answer is basically that you may never know how it happened, or if it will occur again (more than likely, it won't) but one thing I did learn on this "will it, wont it" journey - is that life is too short to wonder...
  14. Hi Tracy warm welcome to the site glad that you found us.. Everyone is fearful of it happening again your not alone in that... it will ease as time passes honest... keep well hydrated - it helps with the headaches, and do a bit and rest is ok thats listening to your body........ take care...
  15. Hi Adam warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us... slow and easy in the recovery... take care, stay-safe.
  16. Hi Rosie You should get intouch with Gp and see about councelling - Headway is a great one... And like Tina, I was told by GP 'you could walk out of here now, get hit by a bus (must be a theme they use) your clips wouldnt have moved, you wouldnt have had another bleed but the bus would have gotcha... from that moment I thought why am I worrying was a wake up call really... But do seek councelling its a great help... take care
  17. Hi there Warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us. Apologies I seem to have missed this post origionaly... Everything just takes time keep yourself hydrated and listen to your body when you feel tired - then rest up... Take care and stay-safe
  18. Hi there warm welcome, so sorry we seemed to have missed this post - we are friendly... Take care, stay-safe..
  19. Hiya, can understand being scared me too, but wont stop me having it... also HATE injections but again get i'll get it done. When I get the word to go... My husband's had both his now and he's been fine just a slight sore arm nothing else... Everyone is different...
  20. Hi Rory warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us.... Ditto what everyone has said....
  21. Sounds interesting but with short-term-memory sadly not for me, but Greg nice to see your post hope your doing ok... Stay-safe.
  22. Hi there warm welcome to the site, glad that you have found us..
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