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  1. Hiya, can understand being scared me too, but wont stop me having it... also HATE injections but again get i'll get it done. When I get the word to go... My husband's had both his now and he's been fine just a slight sore arm nothing else... Everyone is different...
  2. Hi Rory warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us.... Ditto what everyone has said....
  3. Sounds interesting but with short-term-memory sadly not for me, but Greg nice to see your post hope your doing ok... Stay-safe.
  4. Hi there warm welcome to the site, glad that you have found us..
  5. The hardest thing is accepting the 'New You' but once you can you can then move forward... took me a long time to do that...
  6. So understand this, dont see most of my family now, (that would be normal times without Covid) and using Covid as a guide since lock down in Mar2020 to date only Two have messaged me and asked how I/we are doing, also one of my cousin said I was Ignorant and rude... How rude (and forgetful to what I'd gone through) is she!!! so I now basically step back, dont need that stress in my life. Take care, stay-safe.
  7. Hello there warm welcome glad you found us. keep yourself well hydrated helps with the headaches, rest lots and listen to your body if you want rest dont fight it. Take care, stay-safe
  8. Hi there warm welcome to the site, so glad that you found us. take things slow and easy and know your not alone. wishing you well, my only advice as being down this road long time now, take it easy, when you feel tired dont fight it, keep yourself well hydrated... take care, stay-safe.
  9. Hi there ditto the replies really, keep hydrated, great to hear you spoke to someone from Headway support sometimes just talking to someone helps massivly. dont be fobbed off yes covid makes it harder but you need answers push for help - I didnt and suffered for that...
  10. So kind of Macca's family nice legacy of a true gentelman.
  11. Hi there Well done on getting the first year behind you I know its tough... Keep well hydrated it really helps with the tightness...
  12. 🥰 Thanks everyone feeling the love and appriecate the lovely words 🥰
  13. 1st November, tonight anytime between 6-7pm it will be 21years since I had a Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage Wow! I wasn’t going to post anything did last year on 20th but wasn’t this year but for everyone this year has been hard, challenging, hard to navigate, and just downright ‘’ I thought because family don’t interact with me, and I’m used to being in the house a lot the staying in to protect would be a piece of cake – It wasn’t I have lost my independence now, it will return at some point but for now it is what it is. But compared to what others are going through – so what!
  14. Hi there Warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us.
  15. Sorry its late, but well done on your 5year Ani-versary...
  16. Hi Karen Warm welcome to the site, so glad that you found us...
  17. CW its all a balance act remember keep hydrated but at the same time dont over do it.. 10wks is still early you WILL notce improvements slow and steady does it.. Hope the site helps you. take care, stay-safe.
  18. Louise


    Hi there Warm welcome to the site, so glad you found us. Keep well hydrated really helps with the headaches, try to balance your day doing things that helps too.. I think we all can relate to your current symptoms all of them or most of them.... Take care, stay-safe...
  19. Hi there Headache wise keep well hydrated it does help. trying to make sense of it all doesnt happen over night that's for sure. slow and easy does it... take care, stay-safe.
  20. Oops just saw this. Yes friends but mostly family sadly. But those so called friends you talked about arent real friends those ones stick by, listen and adjust to YOU... take care, stay-safe.
  21. Aw Jess sorry I missed this the other day... congratulations on 18th Ani-versary well done on all you do....
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