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    I'm not hungover... I have wine flu., The great thing about living in a small town is...if I don't k
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  1. Hi there Warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us. I too have a shunt and also a tube in my brain isn't Science just wonderful.. Take care
  2. Yes please don't do it yourself, and never fill in the forms yourself we learnt that the hard way but I thought CAB was brilliant, there are others I know... Helpful and very nice put you at ease. take care.
  3. Hi there warm welcome to the site glad that you have found us. I think everyone feels that concerns about re-bleed as time passes that feeling should lessen it did with me... Yep 'we do get-it' take care
  4. Hi there Warm welcome. I applied for PIP and wasn't turned down thankfully, just wanted to say I went through CAB (citizen advice) and cant praise them enough, don't fill the forms in yourself as they have correct terms to put in... I hope you don't have to wait too long for the right decision to be made...
  5. Hi there nice to hear from you again, and well done on 7yrs achievement be proud.... sending you every best wish and so glad that posting stuff makes you feel better we're all here to help.... take care stay-safe.
  6. Oh! I am SO sorry to hear this Sarah, my thoughts are with you at such a sad time... In my down days she certanally did put a smile on my face, and loved her for that she will be so sorely missed for sure.
  7. Hi Mark Warm welcome glad that you found us. Sami/Skippy's right we all 'get-it' and understand, you are early in the recovery keep well hydrated, rest (yes you may not like it) and also listen to your body when you feel you've have done too much give into it and 'rest' slow and easy does it. I hope you find the site helpful. take care
  8. Gem, I am so, so sorry to hear the news, my thoughts are with you at this time, and more so in this time we're living in.... sending you big cyber hugs. take care. xx
  9. Hi Matt, and welcome so glad your able to post now.... I think what you said is the same for a lot of us in one way or another, and there's nothing (I don't think) trivial about an SAH its not a broken bone that a cast can help repair.... you definitely will find a good support network on this site... take care.
  10. Daff, sorry I'm late but happy 8th Ani-versary thank-you so much for all the input you give... sending you best wishes...
  11. Hi there warm welcome to the site.
  12. Other side of this I don't remember a thing anything at all no memories what-so-ever, If you feel its getting you down why not try councelling it really can help, help you deal with it... wishing you well..
  13. Hi there warm welcome, glad you found the site, for the head pain are you keeping yourself Hydrated Take care
  14. Hi there I'm with Karen and Michelle, huge well done on your bravery.. know it couldn't have been easy but good for you on taking the first step & knowing there is a problem ...yes, please speak with your doctor.... Be brave we're here for you.
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