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  1. Hi there warm welcome, glad you found the site, for the head pain are you keeping yourself Hydrated Take care
  2. Hi there I'm with Karen and Michelle, huge well done on your bravery.. know it couldn't have been easy but good for you on taking the first step & knowing there is a problem ...yes, please speak with your doctor.... Be brave we're here for you.
  3. Sally hope your doing ok we all know and understand.... take care
  4. Hi there I think its a common thing I mean its our brains that have been effected cant stick a plaster on it and say there-there.. I am SO pleased you've made an appointment with your GP maybe you could see about councelling such as Headway hear great things about Headway or councelling in general. Think Sami has said it all really so good luck with the GP just say what you've said here tell it as it is... and rant away we all know and understand. take care.
  5. Hi there thanks for sharing your story so-far, I went to college after my SAH and found that a hard struggle and knew then that working life wasn't for me to find the balance for yourself and family I do so hope you find what your seeking defo onward and forward..
  6. Hey Budd Warm welcome to the site glad that you found us. As time passes you'll find it gets easier...
  7. Hello there Warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us. So sorry to hear what your going through it does take time and every day will be different but please don't give up hope... I cant answer your questions on how to cope I'm a survivor but there are carers/family members on here that will be able to help I'm sure. try and have time for 'yourself' know its hard but without the strength of our carers we'd be lost... take care.
  8. Hi there so glad your being referred for councelling it really can help... some great replies for you (as always) don't be hard on yourself... we all know and understand... take care, enjoy the hugs they are so presious...
  9. Sending you hugs Sarah remember the question lists and keep calm... SO glad that someone is going with you...
  10. Well done on your 2nd year anni-versary, yep being kind to yourself and onward and forward you go..
  11. Hi there Warm welcome. I went to college after the SAH, was there for 7yrs but didn't work out for me so well done you on doing what your doing.. I was in rehab for I think 2 months but didn't have any of thetherapies you mention. Take care.
  12. Hi Andrew Warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us. Yes the waiting is horrendous I have a shunt and tube no stent so cant answer that, but I was told that they leave it about 6months plus to let things settle down... Take care
  13. Hi there Warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us. I ditto what Tina has said, early in your recovery, anxiety every one of us, that does ease with time 'honest' take things easy and slow keep well hydrated. hope the site helps you take care.
  14. Well done on the 5yr Ani-vesary...
  15. Thank-you all for the lovely comments yesterday I really appreciate them. Sami I'm humbled by your reply. Subs, Ronnie was backshift but he's off today so went to the club last night for a few hours... Karen, one reason why I posted that yesterday to give others mostly newbies Hope although I knew it was coming it still seems surreal.. Just reply to a few was at the club last night Ladies night in the Hall we were in the lounge which I thought might be quieter wrong! but hey-ho it was Ronnie's celebration too. Got a lovely buquet of flowers & chocolates from him, and in the Raffle he won a bottle of Rose from Valencia where we visit on holiday last year in Spain..
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