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  1. Aw Jess sorry I missed this the other day... congratulations on 18th Ani-versary well done on all you do....
  2. Sorry its a bit late, well done on the 10th Ani-versary yep milestones are an achievement... And Happy Wedding Anniversary too.
  3. Hi there Warm welcome to the site, so glad that you found us. what a journey your been on, thankfully onward and forward now... take care, stay-safe.
  4. Sarah, what a beautiful memorial thank-you for sharing it...💞
  5. Start it now, bet you notice the changes in time..
  6. Hi Carolyn, yep I get that looking good outside doesnt follow you are inside, so get that.... When I was in the Rehab I got psychologist support that continued a bit when discharged... You are early in the recovery process remember its the Brain (not a broken bone), keep hydrated, and know that we really do understand... Take care, stay-safe...
  7. Hi Vicky Warm welcome to the site, so glad that you found us. Your not alone in feeling that you are alone in this, Your family are quizzing you because they dont understand what's happened and only way to find out how you are, or how your feeling is to talk about it... I was going to sugges Gp for councelling, but see your about to receive, Councelling really does help honest take all the councelling they offer you... You'll find this site very helpful, look forward to hearing more from you... take care, stay-safe.
  8. Hello there warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us. Keep yourself well hydrated helps with dizzy and headaches.. take it easy... take care, stay-safe.
  9. I think I was still healing 2.5yrs and at the 3yr mark inprovements were still happening if not that noteasable Things often seem more in Black and white now to me, (maybe not a good choice of words for these days we seem to find ourselves in) Take care, stay-safe..
  10. Hi there Keep well hydrated, give your Doctor a call (I know you said you cant visit with Covid19) but call and speak to someone about it they're doing more phone consoltations anyway.. Echo voice I get this when my ears are full for me since the SAH I produce too much ear wax and it builds up... Take care, stay-safe.
  11. Doing a journal is a great idea, also shows inprovements looking back... I still keep a diary... its all what works for YOU...
  12. Hi there Warm welcome, glad that you found us... No there isn't a lot of info out there, fatigue, headaches, cognitivie skills, emotional rellercoaster, memory all normal in my view. take things slow and easy, keep well hydrated helps with the headaches... Listen to your body when you feel you want to rest then rest don't push yourself on... routine helps well I think so anyway. hope the site helps you, knowing your not alone is the main thing... take care, stay-safe.
  13. Michelle congrats on your 6year mark, I was still improving at that stage so onward and forward honey.. I hope you manage your goal in 2023 something to stride towards, and if I can go to Spain then anyone can that's what I say...
  14. Hi there Warm welcome to the site, so glad that you found us. Wow what a time for that to happen to you home visiting with family and Covid not great.... I have a shunt it keeps me alive cant be without mine... take things easy keep well hydrated and remember your not alone - we all understand... take care.
  15. Hi Ggirl Warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us. I was unconscious don't remember a thing, but haven't been told anything, but weird things thoughts and stuff, remember its the 'Brain' not a broken bone its complex. Things do improve if slowly - very slowly.. take care, stay-safe.
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