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  1. I haven't heard of it sorry, a year is still really early days, and to 'sometimes feel 100%' that's fab.. Yes keep us updated wont you.. Take care
  2. Hi there warm welcome. Yep keep well hydrated doesn't make headaches go but it does help. Good replies (as ever) My lower back pain was due to 5 spinal fluid extractions but I was told that when the blood goes back through the body it can cause pain not sure if that's right so DO ask the GP and if your at all worried call the Neuro Team. Its early days... You take care of yourself because without the people who care for us 'where-would-we-be'
  3. Hi there Oh goodness you survived its a hell that will ease honest - the good thing is you know there is a problem so get an appointment with your GP and talk to them about it, and get referred for councelling, you could also look at Headway site, they are brilliant. And just DITTo all Skippy has said and Macca too all positive.. We know what its like make this the start by making an appointment and ask about councelling it really, really helps... sending you all best wishes for a happier you...
  4. Hi there warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us. It's all quite normal and yep fatigue is being shattered and some, it will ease though just remember not to over do it, rest lots and keep well hydrated, and when the body says rest don't fight it listen to it... confidence will come back. take care, hope to hear more from you...
  5. Hi Ben warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us. don't worry they will extend your sick line its still very early days for you, take things easy rest lots and keep hydrated, slow and easy does it. take care
  6. Happy Ani-versary sending you cyber vibes it always an emotional time hugs hun. xx
  7. Hi there Warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us. I was ages between appts I think its just how they do it, (although if they were the patients I think they'd get the despair it puts us through) my thought is though, if there was anything wrong they'd have your appt sooner. it takes a long time to heal so maybe too that's why its always so long... take things easy when you feel tired then rest up, keep well hydrated especially with the heat.
  8. Sorry late on this bit of catch up today.. Great picture Karen as ever big Thank-you for everything you do and the work you put in totally appreciated.. Was such a turning point for me stumbling on BTG.
  9. Hi there warm welcome to the site, glad you found us, I was taken to Edinburgh Western General - life savers.... Take things easy rest and relax when your tired give in and rest, keep well hydrated especially when its warm...
  10. I had this eventually it eased, I used a shampoo for sensitive scalp, (cant get the one I used to use now) but now use Head & shoulders sensitive scalp its ok..
  11. Hi there warm welcome I had the full blown SAH, but know that non is just as hard to recover from, understand ect. keep hydrated as much as you can, it helps, pace yourself as much as you can... I think we all wonder why??? I don't know I've never known I've just learned to live with it... take care
  12. What wonderful news I too can only ditto the others.... Thank-you for the update, again huge well done..
  13. Nothing beats gut instint... And I think walking is a great way to build up strength... Doing a daily diary is great too gives something to focus on doing it and helps if there's a pattern. Remember keeping hydratated helps with headaches. And could just be the blood going back through the body that's causing it... take care.
  14. I know what you meant about Edinburgh festival Tattoo/Fringe I'm from Edinburgh & also know Dumfries too we nearly moved to Moffatt 12years ago didn't long story... Ah Daff bless you..
  15. Daff, after you telling me last year about travelling through airport with a hidden disability I saw this today from Headway... https://www.headway.org.uk/news-and-campaigns/news/2019/sunflower-lanyards-take-off-for-passengers-with-hidden-disabilities/?fbclid=IwAR2oP0xe5NfQHu3qD90mkqiL4n9K0gdPwenDurqCGAEotOFNHQlcfMVxkNA Hope its ok Mods I can share this??
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