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    I'm not hungover... I have wine flu., The great thing about living in a small town is...if I don't k
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  1. Hi there Warm welcome to the site glad that you found us. Yes keep hydrated, take things easy slow and easy the way to go, and listen to your body when it craves rest don't ignore it... Hope the site helps you.
  2. Congrat Michelle on your 5th Anni huge well don't to you.... Be proud of how far you have come....
  3. That is so sad to hear, thank-you for posting it Karen. my thoughts are with her family hope that one day the smiles will come again...
  4. Hi there I normally find answering this hard as I wasn't able to get myself back to work, however first thing is ditto what others have said... Wow!! well done hun on getting back to work so quickly but it was in my view too quick and the hours Wowa!!! That is and I suspect always a problem with looking ok - but not feeling the way you look.... Recently I said to someone on here You have to educate people to this.... I wish you well and as others have said maybe a change is in order....
  5. Hi Ruth warm welcome, yes its true we all have the same thing but in so, so many different ways in recovery and damage... look forward to reading your posts..
  6. No your not alone I think we all think that from time to time, I just went through a stint of it recently even after all these years, mines was due to new glasses that weren't sitting properly.. keep well hydrated it really does help.
  7. Melissa Your post makes perfect sence to me - I could have written parts of it myself. The memory and fatigue are definatly challenges but its a challenge I've been up for (though on the tough days I do wonder) but those lessen a lot with time... You are definitely NOT alone we all know, we all understand...
  8. Hi there Warm welcome to the site, I got told when I was trying to get the GP to listen your in your late 30's 'Its your age' Sadly you just have to keep on saying its not and your the best judge.. Yes I've had the scans they're nothing to worry about, YOU have to tell them what happened on Sunday don't dismiss it... take care...
  9. Hi sorry its a bit late but well done on your 2yrs I was still recovering after that so always room for inpovements.. Take care.
  10. Hi Kim Warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us. Hope the site is helpful for you. take care
  11. Hi Sherry Warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us. I think that its all very normal to feel like that, take things slow and easy remembering it wasn't any run of the mill thing you had. Keep hydrated it helps with the headaches.
  12. Hi there Warm welcome to the site, so glad that you found us. Rest and keep hydrated and know that your not alone in the way you feel, and we've all thought 'why me' I hope you find the site useful.
  13. Hi there my husband was diagnosed with border line diabetis believe that's type 2 Oct last year he's done really well concidering he's a shift worker which different start times finish times does throw some challenges but he's done really well, since Dec he's been waiting on an appt with the DESMOND project to help lucky he's found things by himself which is great. I'm with SM though you must have medical advice for meal replacements personally I think real food a far better way to go..
  14. Louise


    Hi Jayne Warm welcome to the site. like you had the SAH, then rushed back in with viral meningitis in 2000... hope you find the site useful, take care.
  15. All the best sending you huge cyber vibes.
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