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Its a long road and theres no turning back.......

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Hello all,

Looking at this site now I feel like a proper fraud! So many new faces and new posts. Hello everyone new and old!

Heather and I are once again on the up n up. Its a constant upward trend with dips and variations in the recovery rate, but all in all things are getting better. We are 17 months into this and still going strong.

Heathers been told by all involved in her case that they think she is ready to go back to work.... Woo Hooo! So a meeting was arranged at her work in order to work out the fine print on her return to work plan!!!! They have agreed to the graded return and have said that they will support her and make any changes in to her role to accommodate any difficulties that she may experience!!! They then went on to tell us that they are very happy she is well enough to return but unfortunatley there is no paid position for her to return to.


'We will support you and we agree to make all the changes and put any support you need in place but we havent got a job for you!'

Ha ha ha ha! What does that mean? It means that we are in communication with the Disability Rights Commission and an employment law solicitor. Well looks like I will still be working extra hours for the forseeable future.

Other than that bombshell Heather is doing really well, especially with her memory. She can also find her way around places better. Its good to see all this happening. Wow 17 months later and still improvements are happening. The brain is ace at compensating and recovering. I am constantly impressed with the stuff I see in her recovery. Insight and disinhibition are tons better. I hope it continues for a long long time.

Gotta say though- I am tired, some days all I wish for is a chance to go back in time and rest. Sort of go back to a time before the SAH and lay down and rest, recharge my batteries ready for the next mountain. To go back for one day and lay in my garden and sleep in the warm sun. Go back to a time when I had not a care and spend time wallowing in my freedom. Lazing around enjoying luxuries like peace of mind, spare time, financial freedom, career ladder, long holidays walking in the Lake district with my beautiful family, time to spend enjoying rain on my face, time alone witout a care in the world etc. Build me a time machine and watch me fly!!!

I am patiently waiting for those times to return....

Til then, head down, rucksack on and off I go. I got me some hills and mountains to climb.

See ya'll


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Hi Andy,

It's really so good to hear from you ..... I was getting worried!!

I'm really glad to hear your good news about Heather ...... but so sorry to hear about her job ..... they've obviously given it to somebody else? I used to work in Personnel or the trendy name HR ...... I can't believe that a reputable employer would do that ...... it's actually extremely hard to fire somebody and you have to stick to the rule book .... no deviations .. or as an Employer you leave yourself wide open to an Employment Tribunal. I left that employment, due to stress after my warning bleed.....I was working for a chain of hotels and the staff were very transient .... lots of issues, including racial discrimination etc. but the Company were very good and did everything by the book and looked after their staff.

I really can't believe that there are still so many bad Employers ..... did Heather work for a large Company or a small one? I wish you luck Andy, as I would imagine that Heather has a very good case.

I still love the way that you write ....... perhaps you should turn your hand to it one day. :)

Anyway, wishing you and Heather the very best ....... let us know how you get on with it all ...... You always sound so calm ...... not sure that I would be .. anyway, you take good care of yourself,

Love Karen x

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I am going to send you some stuff that I have written over the past months. Some of it is dark and some is nice. All of it comes when I feel down. Well I hope you enjoy it.

One condition though. You have to tell me the truth whether you like it or not!!!!

Take care Karen.


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Andy, that's brill! I'm sure that it will be great.......but okay, I will let you know whether I like it or not.......but I'm sure I will! :lol:

Hope that everything is still on the up and Heather's keeping well ... let me know how you get on about her job.

You take care good care,

Love K x :D

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