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A quick reminder re: Forum Rules

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A quick reminder re: Forum Rules - click on http://www.behindthegray.net/vbulletin/announcement.php?f=103 to view our Forum Rules in full.

Would all members please remind themselves or make themselves familiar of some of the forum rules when posting
, as it helps to keep down the amount of work and makes life easier for the Moderators, all of whom are volunteers and have limited time in helping us out with the message boards.

Firstly, please try to stay on topic and keep your reply specific to the subject that was started, in order that the original thread doesn't inadvertently become hi-jacked by replies that are completely irrelevant to the subject matter. I know that it's very easy to go off topic out of politeness and being friendly, which is what we're all about, but please use the Green Room for general chit chat or use the private message system to reply to any personal conversation. Staying on topic also helps those who are searching for recovery information.

Please see two of our forum rules below, which seem to be specifically causing a problem with moderating the site at the moment:

9. Stay on topic

The place for general chit chat, jokes, poems, etc. is in The Green Room. All other posts should relate to the forum and topic in which they appear.

Secondly, formatting of posts on the medical forums - Due to members or visitors who may have visual impairments post SAH, we only allow members to use the default font style, which is Verdana and black text - This is automatically set when you post, so please do not use any other style, alter the text size or use coloured text.

7. Formatting of posts

Members should post in a manner that is consistent with normal writing, ie. entire posts should not be all bold text,
all large text
or ALL CAPS. Those members with visual impairments should use their browser controls to enlarge the text or contact a member of the team for help. Smilies should only be used where appropriate and should not be overused. No text speak please. Different font styles/coloured fonts are only acceptable in the Green Room. When you post on the other BTG forums, we expect members to use the default font style, which is Verdana and black text, which is automatically set.

Many thanks for reading this and a warm welcome to all new members!

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