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Eye Problems

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My SAH in Oct 2011 caused blood to leak into my right eye. There was so much blood in that it completely blocked my eyesight and prevented the doctors from seeing what, if any, damage might be behind it. Just before Christmas I underwent surgery to remove the blood.

After the surgery I was able to see out of that eye but it was very blurry. The doctors were now able to see that the blood leak had detached my retina, caused scar tissue to form on the retina and caused a small hole in the macula. Apparantly these are all things that can happen in a small percentage of cases - and lucky me, I got all three!

On Feb 2 of this year, they injected a gas bubble into the eye and I spent the next 17 days face down 24/7 (hell on earth) in an attempt to reattach the retina. It was partially successful but now they are trying to figure out how to tackle the other problems without causing further damage.

My regular opthamologist has now been joined by the head of the opthamology department because this is such a "fascinating" case. I really don't like being fascinating. :wink:

Has anyone else experienced retinal or macula damage as a result of a SAH?


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I had Tersons Syndrome, which is blood in the eye like yours. I underwent surgery to correct it and they tore my retina in the process. As you I had an air bubble inserted and had to posture for 2 weeks, I agree, what a nightmare, but luckily it worked and my sight is back to how it was.

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