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  1. Posted on behalf of trish103 - Please respond to trish103 I am going into 2 years in November 2018 since my hemorrhage and my Shunt put in I have some I also had seizure back in February this year has any one else had a seizure I feel like my eyes are always dry and tired and are getting worse since my eye appointment last September I am going back to eye doctor this September does anyone experience problems with there eyes and ear when I get a cold it all feels worse because where the shunt is behind my ear I always feel clogged. Does anyone else feel this or had a seizure? trish1013
  2. Super Mario

    Clive - Four and a bit years on...

    Clive, a warm welcome to BTG. Your experiences and how you have coped will be a help to others in the same or similar situation. Pop into the Green Room if you like and join in the banter or let off steam. Anything goes in there within reason. Just a tip though, bring your earplugs, our Win sings.
  3. Super Mario

    Dental work

    My advice is, that if you are unsure about that treatment, to contact the neuro nurse specialist at the hospital where you were treated for their opinion. Failing that speak to your GP and dentist.
  4. Super Mario


    Sue, have you heard of the Access to Work scheme run by the DWP https://www.gov.uk/access-to-work You could apply and alleviate your gruelling journeys. It seems to me that you would be eligible for the help.
  5. Super Mario

    Driving after NASAH

    I'm afraid the DVLA rules are to be adhered to. My advice is to contact DVLA for clarification.
  6. Super Mario

    Out of the Blue

    Welcome to BTG. I have not had a tremor problem but coordination is not very good. Possibly someone may come along who has. As for the reaction you had to the angiogram it should be down in your notes and they should give you something to alleviate another one. Make sure you bring the fact of your reaction to their attention when you go for the next one, just in case it has not been noted. Meanwhile listen to your body and make sure you keep well hydrated, it really does help with the healing.
  7. Super Mario

    SAH, 14 years on.

    I, too, have been accused of being drunk. Initially it made me angry but now I just laugh at the comments and say "I wish"
  8. Super Mario

    Amyloid angiopathy

    Vicky, to be honest I don't remember anyone on this forum being diagnosed with it although I could be wrong. It would really help, possibly someone in the future, if you could post anything you find out about it from the neurologist but not medical advice. Wishing you well with your forthcoming appointments.
  9. Super Mario

    Amyloid angiopathy

    10 minute appointments here with GPs too. The hospital appointments are a different kettle of fish, no time limit on them.
  10. Super Mario

    Amyloid angiopathy

    Welcome to BTG Vicky. Another idea is to contact the neuro nurse specialist at your treating hospital if they have one. They will be able to explain more fully and be able to possibly put your mind at rest. Give them a ring.
  11. Super Mario


    Use something like Tiny Pics to resize and copy and paste their link for Forums. We cannot comment on the test results as we have no medical or ophthalmic training and so it would be unethical to even attempt it.
  12. Super Mario

    Pat 11-4-16 subarachnoid hemorrhage .

    I have copied and pasted this post into a new thread in Subarachnoid Haemorrhage Forum where it will be seen easily and you will receive more replies. Title is "trish1013, copied from General by Super Mario" https://web.behindthegray.net/topic/7318-trish1013-copied-from-general-by-super-mario/
  13. Posted on behalf of Sue B from Articles into a more appropriate forum. Hi everyone I am a 44 year old lady, I suffered 2 subarachnoid haemorrhages on the 1-7-18 I am new to the group and looking for answers to help me understand and live with the changes in my life. July the first I headed out for a social trail run with an amazing group of friends when less than 1km in a terrible headache hit me. At first I thought my headband was to tight so I removed it, the headache just got worse with a severe nauseated feeling joining it. Friends noticed my change in colour and helped me return to my car which felt like forever. I then waited for my husband and mum to collect me, which again felt like a lifetime with excruciating pain. 3 hospitals and two ambulance drives later, 4 angiograms I was taken in for surgery to coil one subarachnoid haemorrhage and clamp another one. Two weeks in hospital, then home for recovery. I was quite lucky as I’ve had no real side effects bar a bit of short term memory loss and these terrible headaches. I have returned to work quite early at 8 weeks but only working 3 days a week. I’m not in the best industry to work when suffering these terrible headaches 25 toddlers can really add to the headaches but just love being with the children on the good days. Just really looking for answers on what’s the best medication to kick these headaches, as nothing seems to work and how long people waited to return to exercise. I walk as often as I can when the headaches aren’t knocking me out for the day. Thanks everyone
  14. So sorry you feel this way. As you know we are not medically trained and they were just possible thoughts. You seem to be extremely busy all of the time. Maybe it is time to slow down and see if that helps.
  15. Super Mario

    The fright of my life - Posted on behalf of Sue B

    As for your question about your driving licence, we are in the UK and rules vary all over the world so cannot comment on Australia. Go onto the website of your licencing department and look for notifiable conditions and that should tell you
  16. It can be vicious circle, you worry, your blood pressure rises which in turn can give you headaches. Please do not take offence but I am wondering if your problems are phycological and possibly some counselling may be in order. Other members have had counselling and found that it helped them. Of course the route to that in the UK is via your doctor, I don't know about the US. Meanwhile, please try to stay calm, take deep breaths and try to distract yourself from the headaches. I have found that the more you think about pain the worse it seems to get.
  17. I do wonder if some counselling would help your husband to come to terms with what has happened. He needs to ask for a referral from his doctor to facilitate this.
  18. Try to persuade him to drink water instead of the coffee. If he must drink coffee then decaffeinated is the better option.
  19. Super Mario

    The fright of my life - Posted on behalf of Sue B

    I do wonder if you are drinking enough. Keeping well hydrated really does work to alleviate headaches
  20. Super Mario

    The fright of my life - Posted on behalf of Sue B

    Welcome to BTG. We are not medically trained so we cannot give medical advice. As for questions about the best medications to kick the headaches you must contact your doctor or neurologist They are the ones to give you advice on that issue.
  21. Super Mario

    The fright of my life

    This thread has been copied to Introduce Yourself forum where it is more appropriate. https://web.behindthegray.net/topic/7291-the-fright-of-my-life-posted-on-behalf-of-sue-b/?tab=comments#comment-131251
  22. Super Mario

    Ann - New Member

    Thank you for clarifying that.
  23. Super Mario

    Ann - New Member

    Ann, in the UK the driving licence is revoked automatically as a SAH is a notifiable condition. Different countries have different laws. I presume you are nor a UK resident.
  24. Super Mario

    Driving after SAH

    Ann, welcome to BTG. I presume you don't reside in the UK? Here your licence is rescinded automatically when you report a SAH as it is a notifiable condition under UK law.
  25. Super Mario


    Possibly normal for your age and is expected, is as I read it. "Most consistent" leads me to believe that as a layperson. Do ask for clarification from your doctor and it would be interesting if you posted what he says here.