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Hi I'm Moonlite


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Hi i had my SAH in July 2011 grade 1 with a complex mca bifurcation aneurysm I still suffer the headaches and tiredness but glad to be alive, then in December last year I started having fits so more time in hospital and CTs with angos and lumber punctures i feel though I wasnt given much support no groups etc.. when i came out in July then to try and see nero for epilespy as been a nightmare ive had to do all the ringing around etc.. and then things seems to be going slow as the tablets dont work theyve had to change them but im also having partial fits, so feel im still suffering from the sah and dealing with epilespy as well. Sorry to moan.

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Thats not moaning around moonlite. This is the place you come for support and understanding. a place where everyone is equal. I feel that way here anyway. When I first had my SAH I used to think to myself, other people have it worse than me, trying to quantify things. Then I realized that here we all share a common thread. I find this a sanctuary where no one judges, People empathize not sympathize.

It is good to get things off your chest. Feel free to share anything you like.

Welcome to BTG

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