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9 month anni-versary

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Hello good friends:

Today is my 9 month anni-versary. July 30th,2011 a day i will not soon forget. But we are plodding on and still trying to figure things out. Last night as I went to bed I reflected on the last 9 months. I don't remember some of it and most if it seems surreal. It was strange like out of body experience. Still not sure who I am, the old me or the new me but I guess Somewhere in between.

But every night I go to bed thankful to be alive and for my wife, family and friends here at BTG. I couldn;t have made it without you.

Ironically today was my first full day back at working from 8:30-5. I made it and feel good. So perhaps progress is there. Thanks to the kind folks at BTG for getting me through :)



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Somewhere in that "gray" area huh? Congrats on your full day of work. I still feel sometimes I am living outside of my body. Today I sure do but I have not napped in like a week. I am however a dimwit. I cannto get anything done or stick to any project I have started. I am sure it is because I have not napped so my mind is fatigue or memory is anyway. I also feel as if I am a baby learning something new- backsliding in other areas. I just keep putting that one foot in front of another and keep walking.

Did you say the other day your feet hurt? I use a pinch of epson salt in hot water foot soak. Can't get better than that. My feet feel as if someone beats the bottom of them all the time. errrrr been that way for years. I wear ugly crocs often becasue they have such a soft cushion for your feet. Not the fake ones though.

Well the nightly news is on and I have not watched it for days. I posted my alligator and dog photos today. :)

Have a great anniversary and tomorrow as well.


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