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Story about my SAH "adventure" from local newspaper

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Hi Mike,

Read your article...mine was sort of similar...as I was with all my family passed and present..it was one big party....but my Mum

wouldn't talk to me, she kept pointing to my daughter and husband...when my brother sang to me she told him off..same with Dad

I run after her but she kept disappearing....I fell over and hurt my leg..No I never lol it was the socks they gave us to wear in Hospital

A man chased me with a large tube No he never....it was hospital inserting cathater (however lt's spelt)....She always had a

large net covering her face....until one day she wore her bright yellow scarf around her neck...and although I didn't

realise it at time she was happier and she pointed to Hubby and Daughter still not talking to me .....wasn't my time I guess ?

Keep Well and your story was of interest to me


WinB143 x

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