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First cerebral angiogram

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Hi all, I've got the date for my first cerebral angiogram check post my ruptured SAH coiling back in March. I've had the angio before when I had the coiling but was so out of it last time i want to ask you what can I expect?

Will I feel rotton afterwards? Does the dye thing feel perculiar? Any angio top tips? Does it take long? Should I bikini wax!!

The outcome I am hoping for is that my coiling is looking pristine and lovely , that my shunt shows its best side on the pictures and my baby unruptured anneurism is sitting pretty.

After this they say I should be able to revert to MRI scans if all ok. Is that standard?

Thanks for any shared experience, advice.


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Hi Daff :)

I was really nervous before my 1st angiogram follow-up appointment. You can have a read of my thread re.my 1st Angiogram

I had a follow-up MRi in January this year and have now been advised that my next follow-up MRi will be Dec 2014 because everything still looks good.

Good luck

Kel x

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Kel, thats super, really helpful. Thanks for posting that thread. Knowing about the Liquid paracetamol is good too as I had to have that previously when I went high pressure. They're going to keep me in one night cos I only recently had shunt. Glad your results are all good. X

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