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Jillbb - Dizziness & Memory Problems

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The following thread has been Posted on behalf of Jillbb


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[TD]Hi every one, l have not written for sometime but keep reading yours (cant get my capital letters to work). I seem to be the same as many of you, l seem to be going backwards, 6 mths since sah Memory worse, and l keep finding that.my brain stops working in the middle of a conversation, trying to complete any thing is difficult, how you girls manage to work l dont know,

l broke my leg in july walking in the hills with my granchildren, had to be rescued by the mountain rescue! Had plaster off 2 weeks ago, am now able to get about better, l have now been told l must go for a 3 hr assement before l can drive, l am going in november has any one had one before?

l will be devasted if l fail as live in the brecon beacons as there is no public transport, l went to the heath hospital cardiff. I was discharged and told l was doing well, there has been no support or follow up, l suppose l am an oap, but with out this site l would feel very alone, one cannot say it is difficult to cope as by now everyone thinks every thing should be fine as except for being annoying forgetting things there are no outward signs of any thing being wrong, sorry for the blurb and mistakes l am still trying to get the Hang of using a ipad now l seem to have typed too much, as it wo t let. me read the begining, love to all jillbb[/TD]



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