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follow up angiogram. advice needed please

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Just wondered if anyone who has had bleed with no cause had a follow up angio nearly 9 month after the event. And if so was anuything detected?

My neuro said they will do one as my initial bleed and blood clot could have been pushing on some abnormality that prevented blood flow to show it up!

So who knows what they will find.....has anyone had any experience of this?




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It is up to you how much health care you partake. It is not a fail-proof system by any means like anything else and sometimes you never get answers...but sometimes you do.

I personally had 2 Angios one right after it happened and one about 8-10 days later. This is the standard of care currently. If they find nothing on either one, than you are determined to have a SAH with 'No known cause' or a perimesencephalic one depending on the distribution of the blood. Either way, there is no known cause - perimesencephalic is just a description word and not anything that represents a cause. 9 months after the fact would be more than enough time to redo an Angio for another view. However, there is even some controversy in doing a second Angio if you've had a perimesencephalic distribution of blood...you may not need another, but you should decide. The likelihood that they missed an aneurysm on the first one is low. Did you only have one initially? Remember that there is a risk with this procedure as they could accidentally cause an aneurysm while on the table...so it is not to be taken lightly.

Think about your options until you feel a peace wash over you. Then you'll know that's the right one for you. It is so individual.


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Hi kris

I had the bleed and saw countless dr at my gp surgery who fobbed me off saying I had a migraine or stress etc iand it wasnt diagnosed until 3 week later by ct scan after I had seen 8 different dr cos I knew something was not right then they sent me to leeds hospital to have further tests a ct with contrast then an angigram so it will have been about 3.5 week I had angigram after initial bleed. They then followed this back up by an mri then few month later another mri with contrast then last week I had another ct scan after the fit I had. Now at my appointment monday he said they may do another angigram 9 month later. I just wonder and surly thought if there was anything to be seen it would have shown up on one of the tests unless angigram is the clearest one. I just dont know any more still feel rubbish everyday a lot I think from the stress of the whole thing x

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I'm thinking the standard of care differs depending on where you are and what type of bleed you had. I also had a PM NASAH and only had one angio, 2 days after the ct scan showed the bleed. I'm in Canada. I've not had a follow up with neurosurgeon since 4 weeks after the bleed and neurologist was 4 months after. I see my GP regularly though.

I still feel rubbish some days but it does get better Bev. It's a slow process hon.

If my docs were advising me to have a follow up I would do it.

Sandi K.

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