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Hi All,

I have had alot of experience of strokes over the past few years with family members, which has started my interest in research in this area. I am currently a third year Psychology student at the University of Gloucestershire who is undergoing a dissertation project. For this I have decided to focus on how stroke patients are viewed by carers and how this may influence the types of care given. For this I am looking for volunteers who are non NHS, professional carers (Not relatives) who would be willing to take part in a short 1 hour interview on this topic. I am hugely greatful to anyone that would like to be involved or could pass this message on to people they think would like to be involved. If anyone would like more information about getting involved please contact me.

Have a great day

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Good Day Hannah

Firstly hope you doing well with your course. Your dissertation, or research project, is probably the single most important assignment you will undertake whilst at university.

A few more people like yourself would help the Stroke Service.

It's obvious that you are keen to do this, as you've posted in many Stroke Forums

However, as a long term Stroke Survivor, and Volunteer with my Local Stroke Service, I feel you will NOT get a true feed back from Professional Carers.

Although, I class any Spouse, Full time Carer, or Family Member, as an unpaid Professional.

They save the government Thousands of Pounds yearly. That's another issue!!

A Professional Carer, as in those that supply this service as a profession. Either through Social Services, NHS or Private Source are governed by time scales and budgets.

They spend only allocated time with the Stroke Survivor.

In turn not getting, a full picture of the situation.

Some, but not many, do specialize in Stroke Care, but they are few and far between.

Some only know what they have been told we feel like, mind you most Doctors are the same.

You will get a much truer outlook by using the Stroke Survivors Spouse, Full time Carer, or Family Member.

As they will see the mood swings, the ups and downs. The frustration, the worry, the not knowing.

These are only my views/opinions, but if you feel I may be of help, please contact me.

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Hi Keith,

I completely agree that using family members would help me gain a richer understanding in this area. My first idea for a project was based on this surrounding how relationships change within the family afetr a stroke (based on personal experiences). However, due to the tight contraints universities have on ethics I was unable to proceed with this. Unfortunately I could not gain ethical approval from my university with using either stroke patients or their family members as it was deemed too sensitive. This is why I have ended up with focusing on professional carers, taking the project in a slightly different direction. But I would love to hear about personal exeriences if you wish to share them for my own personal interest. I agree with you and feel it is an important area to develop research in.

Thanks :-D

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