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  1. Oh no Sarah, devastated by your news. My sincere condolences to you all. This will take a long time to sink in for many on BTG. R.I.P. WIN
  2. Hi Jan. Seems like your going through what many have already gone through--difference, you've put Pen to Paper--or these days Fingers to Keyboard. That's a good thing, already it'll help other's that are in the same boat, realise there not alone. Maybe a visit to your local support group might help--take John along also. They should be open to Carers, Partner's & Family Members. Personally, I'd use my GP, as a last resort. (shall not say why, but if you want to know, just pm me.) Sounds like your Family are in Denial of what you've going and been through. Maybe they can't come to terms with what's happened, they need to be sat down and told. That's easier said than done--I know that for a fact!! You've stated that you've been arguing a lot more lately, bet this is down to frustration, and depression. Think a lot of us have been there. Stay Strong, Stay Positive, never think your ranting on here--Advocacy & Empathy is plentiful, it's FREE, and no Appointments Needed. Take care

  4. Cheers Win Think I've helped a few over the past few years..plenty of room for more.
  5. Yes Jan---willing to help if I can. The information I source, is direct from our Stroke Team, which I've been voluteering with for the past 16 years.
  6. I've read a few of these post in the past, and most suggest making sure your liquid intake is kept up. In this I mean WATER. Read back on past post, I'm sure this will help you. Don't worry, your not the only one to go through this.
  7. Happy Anni-versary Sarah Phew--and I thought I was busy---onwards and upwards
  8. Don't know what you've been told about this--hope this link helps http://www.brainandspine.org.uk/craniotomy I know many that have had this operation, I'm sure it could be arranged for one of them to talk to you.
  9. Evening All Stops typing to go get cake for Win------yep, got some "Angel Cake" (Damm, it wont Dunk) Is it only 6 years Win--Seems like you've been singing a lot longer than that!!! No seriously, well done Win--and thank you for all your banter and quips that have help many on here. Also the cotton wool sales team would like to thank you. Right--I've an evening of Cooking tonight--Zoe's doing "Chicken Enchiladas", that's after I've, Cut the Chicken, Sliced the Mushroom, Onion, Peppers & Spring Onion, Made the Salsa (Hold on--might as well do it!!) Extra shift at Radio Station in morning--5 interview for the "Tour De York", which goes through 5 local villages on Saturday. Already got Intro & exit music ready--Go On Win Guess!! Clue--Bicycle Themed (Tell you Saturday) Nice quiet night in--but might get some music done for next week. I'll pop back later Take care all
  10. Carolyn, now don't you go over doing things--take care
  11. Welcome to BTG Hope you find what your looking for, and don't be scared of asking questions.
  12. Well done Win and as Val Dooican would say--Walk tall Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye. Sorry Win---it had to be done;-)
  13. Sending positive vibes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Really can't think what else to say
  14. Great News Louise These forms are far too long winded, and far too many people get involved. Glad you've finally got yours sorted.
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