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  1. Oh no Sarah, devastated by your news. My sincere condolences to you all. This will take a long time to sink in for many on BTG. R.I.P. WIN
  2. Hi Jan. Seems like your going through what many have already gone through--difference, you've put Pen to Paper--or these days Fingers to Keyboard. That's a good thing, already it'll help other's that are in the same boat, realise there not alone. Maybe a visit to your local support group might help--take John along also. They should be open to Carers, Partner's & Family Members. Personally, I'd use my GP, as a last resort. (shall not say why, but if you want to know, just pm me.) Sounds like your Family are in Denial of what you've going and been through. Maybe they can't come to terms with what's happened, they need to be sat down and told. That's easier said than done--I know that for a fact!! You've stated that you've been arguing a lot more lately, bet this is down to frustration, and depression. Think a lot of us have been there. Stay Strong, Stay Positive, never think your ranting on here--Advocacy & Empathy is plentiful, it's FREE, and no Appointments Needed. Take care

  4. Cheers Win Think I've helped a few over the past few years..plenty of room for more.
  5. Yes Jan---willing to help if I can. The information I source, is direct from our Stroke Team, which I've been voluteering with for the past 16 years.
  6. I've read a few of these post in the past, and most suggest making sure your liquid intake is kept up. In this I mean WATER. Read back on past post, I'm sure this will help you. Don't worry, your not the only one to go through this.
  7. Happy Anni-versary Sarah Phew--and I thought I was busy---onwards and upwards
  8. Don't know what you've been told about this--hope this link helps http://www.brainandspine.org.uk/craniotomy I know many that have had this operation, I'm sure it could be arranged for one of them to talk to you.
  9. Evening All Stops typing to go get cake for Win------yep, got some "Angel Cake" (Damm, it wont Dunk) Is it only 6 years Win--Seems like you've been singing a lot longer than that!!! No seriously, well done Win--and thank you for all your banter and quips that have help many on here. Also the cotton wool sales team would like to thank you. Right--I've an evening of Cooking tonight--Zoe's doing "Chicken Enchiladas", that's after I've, Cut the Chicken, Sliced the Mushroom, Onion, Peppers & Spring Onion, Made the Salsa (Hold on--might as well do it!!) Extra shift at Radio Station in morning--5 interview for the "Tour De York", which goes through 5 local villages on Saturday. Already got Intro & exit music ready--Go On Win Guess!! Clue--Bicycle Themed (Tell you Saturday) Nice quiet night in--but might get some music done for next week. I'll pop back later Take care all
  10. Carolyn, now don't you go over doing things--take care
  11. Welcome to BTG Hope you find what your looking for, and don't be scared of asking questions.
  12. Well done Win and as Val Dooican would say--Walk tall Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye. Sorry Win---it had to be done;-)
  13. Sending positive vibes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Really can't think what else to say
  14. Great News Louise These forms are far too long winded, and far too many people get involved. Glad you've finally got yours sorted.
  15. Hi Gail. How I hate reading posts like this. Firstly that nurse have no right to say that your Husband could be in for a long few months. Totally out of order. As for those diapers, WHY? what wrong with the bed sheet ones.? I can answer that--IT'S EASIER FOR NURSING STAFF!! All wrong Have you been in contact with his Doctor, Named nurse etc? Write down questions you want answered. He's getting Aggressive through Frustration, been there myself. I know how hard it is for you and your children. Are there any other Family Members or real good friends (This is the time to find out who they are) that would/could visit. Take some family pictures in and put by his bed, on the side he can see them all the time. Yes It'll be hard for him, but in a way it'll help him. My music helped me. Still prefer music to TV even now. Stay Strong, never be scared of asking questions There are a lot of SAH/Stroke Survivors, Carers & family members on this site that have been through a simular thing that your going through. So your not alone, and how silly your questions might seem, they've already been said. Take care.
  16. Stay in there Wem Your body knows when it needs to rest, but as it can't tell you, it warns you. Start listening to your body. It's great that you've told others, it will help them understand also, some don't understand why they get so tired etc. (ONLY WISHED A FEW DOCTORS READ THIS SITE, maybe they wouldn't be so negative!!---oopss started to rant then) as they've not been told. Don't put a time limit on your recovery, were all different, each tunnel is a different length. It's learning to ADAPT, that's the key, and if you have other health issue, that could be a factor also, as your brain has to share out your bodies workload. Many members on here, have been through, or a still going through what your going through. Your not alone Take care
  17. Donna--They'll be on the way soonest, I'll send them via e-mail, Word Doc & Royal Mail, Printed Copies & CD-R Anything Else, ASK.
  18. Now then Donna Think we've been here before, and if I recall, you got through it. I remember you thanking me for all the information I sent you, and you even said I've been more helpful that some Doctors. I only passed on the information the Doctors SHOULD have given you. If you've misplaced them, I'll resend them to you. Maybe, your GP should look into other therapies, to help you. Your not alone in how you feel, lots of people are not able to be as open about it. And being open shows you want to be helped, thats a good thing. You said sorry, to be on a downer, don't be. Bottling things up, will only make thing worse. Stressing about things, also doesn't help either, cut out all NEGATIVES!! Your BLIP, seems to have a hard skin, lets burst it together. This site can and will offer all the Advocacy & Empathy your require. It's FREE NO APPOINTMENTS and ALWAYS SOMEONE HERE. You take care, watch out, one day I might pop through that door. and kick you up the butt with my bad leg:lol::lol:
  19. Luckly, I've not lost my knowledge on cooking. (Good job really, Lez HATES cooking) Most of you are aware I was a chef. Not saying, I didn't have problems at first, but something kicked in, then it was learning to adapt doing things different. Theres loads of gadgets out there to help you in food preperation, I've a cupboard full of them. My Blender & Mandolin, are the most used,but the main issue is timing, as most of you have stated. I used timers, post-it notes etc, etc. This I found helped, but now, everything fine, I've no problem in the kitchen, as I'm in it every day. Just remember to allow yourself more time than you think it'll take. Recipes are Guidelines, they don't have to be adhered to them. Write out a "TO DO LIST" Get your "Pots & Pans" etc ready before starting. I'm at the end of a PM or E-Mail, if you need advise.
  20. Hi Bev Think I've sent you information about Epilpsey, If Ive not, just remind me. "Anticonvulsion Drugs" take a little to to get correct. What works for some, may not for others. I've been on the ones you've stated, plus a lot more, but now I'm only on "Keppra/Levetiracetam" and it has taken a while to get the correct doseage for me. Taking them at a set time also helps, as they are a top up drug, as in they are working all the time, slowly realising medication into your system. Please stick with it,it does help. It also gets easier. Don't let the condition run your life!!
  21. Most of you are aware I like a Lemonade;-) I remember asking my GP about drinking Alcohol, he said, with moderation. Not forgetting eveyones consumption levels are different. Prior to my Stroke, I was a Social Drinker, many time I over socialised!! Now, Yes I drink, but no more than 3 pints in a session. YES, I HAVE drunk more, but that's usually indoors. I find it more interesting people watching, then think back what I used to be like!! Sitting with either a Beer Shandy or Soft drink doesn;t botherme,
  22. Win You go and get it checked out!! You need to be fit for the BTG Choir!! Take Care
  23. Well done Kel. Thanks for posting this, it'll help others in knowing that it does get better.
  24. Good Day Hannah Firstly hope you doing well with your course. Your dissertation, or research project, is probably the single most important assignment you will undertake whilst at university. A few more people like yourself would help the Stroke Service. It's obvious that you are keen to do this, as you've posted in many Stroke Forums However, as a long term Stroke Survivor, and Volunteer with my Local Stroke Service, I feel you will NOT get a true feed back from Professional Carers. Although, I class any Spouse, Full time Carer, or Family Member, as an unpaid Professional. They save the government Thousands of Pounds yearly. That's another issue!! A Professional Carer, as in those that supply this service as a profession. Either through Social Services, NHS or Private Source are governed by time scales and budgets. They spend only allocated time with the Stroke Survivor. In turn not getting, a full picture of the situation. Some, but not many, do specialize in Stroke Care, but they are few and far between. Some only know what they have been told we feel like, mind you most Doctors are the same. You will get a much truer outlook by using the Stroke Survivors Spouse, Full time Carer, or Family Member. As they will see the mood swings, the ups and downs. The frustration, the worry, the not knowing. These are only my views/opinions, but if you feel I may be of help, please contact me.
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