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what a fright

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Hi all, hope you are well. Just offloading because it makes me feel better.

Went for a walk to my local shop with Jacob and the dog and I got a sudden bad pain in my left eye and it started watering, I went cold as it was so similar to when I had Sah. I now have headache and eye pain but I can cope with that, it was the fear that went through me. It's horrible.

I am doing really well, its only three months and when I first came out of hospital I was determined I wasn't going to bath Jacob when I was in the house alone, wasn't going to let him walk to the shop, he was going to be in his pushchair, all in case I collapsed again (crazy I know but I was terrified of something happening to him). Anyway I haven't stuck to it, I am just doing everything I did before the Sah and I'm quite relaxed and myself more days now.

Will I ever stop getting into a blind panic when I get a sudden bad pain? I just thought about my baby running on the road or something, was so glad to get home. I had to lift my sofa yesterday so my daughter could get something from underneath it so maybe that's what is causing the pain. I think I will be much more relaxed once the coiling has been checked at six months.

Lisa xx

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Well done you! I have said a few times how much I admire all the young parents coping with a family post SAH, in a lot of ways they may well be helping you in your recovery much more than oldies like me! It took me 4+ months to summon the strength and confidence to leave the security of my garden without aid.

You are right the 6 month follow up scan should help to allay some of your fears. But just a thought.........my GP agreed to set up a recurring face to face appointment with me every 2 weeks so I could discuss any concerns of a clinical nature with her. I used a notebook to jot down all the 'scares' I had inbetween each visit and she would systematically go through them with me, taking my blood pressure, looking into my eyes to check for any obvious signs of increased pressure etc,etc.

Worked really well on two counts for me, kept me relaxed and I had a complete record of the problems I was experiencing which eventually improved my confidence levels.

Take care,


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I am with you with those sharp pains to the side of the head although I was told my SAH would be rare to happen again. But it does scare you. So I do not think I am having another SAH but I do get that unexpected sunlight that hits me in my eye, sharp pain than a migraine. I panic less now but am more annoyed!

The other day I was cleaning and wanted to step on the step stool~ I almost posted it on facebook that if I do not make another post in so many minutes call 911! My life is so much more careful now. I never carry anything really up or down the steps etc.... I toss it down the stairs!

I do not have "scares" now but I should write down not in a negative way but what I cannot no longer do. It would be nice to know how things are different for me when I go to the Dr. Good idea.


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Thanks ladies.

Wem I agree about having young children helping, a 23 month old won't let me go to bed for a couple of hours, I have to play, cook, do everything I did before. My Dr makes me an appt. to see him regularly, it was weekly at first, then fortnightly and next one is three weeks. He can see I'm getting more confident instead of the wreck he was seeing at first. Will be a long time before I'm not scared though I think x

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Great news to hear you are doing those 'normal' trips, you should find these will get easier and I find at 10 months Those sharp and eye watering gritty pains are less and less frequent and more importantly I am better able to manage the fear that comes. I wish that for you too.

Your lad will be ok. He will be ,and you have and will continue to grow in confidence I know I have and still am. The great thing about kids is their antics and naturally selfish demand for attention does bring 'normality' back where possible pretty quick . They work out what mum can't or can do and adjust, equally just being able to be mum helps you with the healing.

Wel done you.

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