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Whats worked for me. So far ...

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As with anything I would always check with your own doc first. These are just a list of things that seem to have worked for me.

My neck seems to be a weak point I have more pain and discomfort there than in my head. I have a wheatie bag, which I heat in the microwave and wrap around my neck it is heaven. I also have a cushion for my neck when travelling. Its like a travel pillow made of foam. I just got it on the net. Mines is called a cushtee, I've also seen snoozees, (spelling may be incorrect)! I take mine in the car on the aeroplane and to the cinema!

Sleeping/insomnia is/was a huge problem for me. I liked the sleep debt technique. We definitely need to listen to our bodies and I do need a nap in the afternoon. For me is usually 1to2 hours. People used to say get up an hour earlier, but sometimes the fatigue just ties me to the bed but I could manage maybe 5 mins earlier and then build this up. Always set your alarm for the afternoon nap. I never did in the early stages. I have to say even yet I feel terrible when I wake from my nap but then after about 15-20mins I'm grand. Don't fight the cold that can come with fatigue. Wrap up warm and cosy into a nice hot water bottle.

Sleeping tablets. At about 6months I begged my Doc to give me something to help me sleep I was prescribed Zimovane. I had 16 tablets that she said they were to do at least 6 months!!! Doc very reluctant to give them to me and I was devasted when I saw my supply going down. Iniatially I used them quite haphazard and then I used them for a solid week. This really helped and give me the boost and the recharge I needed to help break the cycle of bad sleep.

Don't over Stimulate before bed time. Sounds bizzare but the best way I can put it. If I had visitors at 8pm or had an animated phone conversation or even watching an exciting episode of CSI this would have me awake for most of the night. Definitely wind down a good couple of hours before bed time. You may have to get the rest of the household to work with you.

Learn to go with it. I'm still slightly caught up in the "I used to be able to do....." I'm now learning to go with it. I definitely know I can only do 1 big thing a day, this may be going down the town meeting friends for lunch or even the G.Ps appointment.

Healthy eating and vitamins. Lots and Lots of water. I've started taken Pharmaton for energy its a vitamin supplement but can only be taken for a few months at a time (Check with your Doc) Cod Liver oil with Oil of Evening Primrose. I was never particularly PMT affected but now it severly affects my moods and fatigue. Also taking St John's Wort 1 a day to balance out moods.

Routine, I find it helpful and I keep energy when I have a routine especially for eating and sleeping. I also try to have something handy and healthy in so that if I'm too tired for cooking its not a stress.

DELEGATE You'll feel so much better.

Mental stimulation - I've just bought kiddies Maths work books. I find the word searches quite easy, crosswords iffy. But Maths has always been a difficult subject and it really gives my brain a good work out. But I wouldn't do these in the evening. Although it may be different for you!

Reading about and talking to other people about their experiences. I found this very helpful. Especially SAH, ME and Stroke. I wasn't alone.

Most importantly don't over analyze yourself (I'm terrible for that) Just try and go with the flow and you'll see others that have had no "insult" etc will also mix up their words, forget things and generally do 'silly' things.

Its a long road we're all on but it does get easier! Good Luck

Aine xox

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I really have to add the electric blanket. I thought they didn't make them anymore. But its like having a bath without getting wet, lovely. I also love my hot water bottle. But Blanket great for all over gentle warming, helps with the fatigue coldness and muscle soreness.


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Aine, I have an old red hooded fleece top that I put on when I'm fatigued and cold .... Eric is threatening to take the scissors to it! :lol: It must be at least 6 years old.....but it's my first line of defence when the fatigue hits....Like my V pillow, it's almost like a comfort blanket.....aren't I sad... :lol:

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