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Guest wendyseptember

Hi there once again,,,well its Sunday, and the sun is shining :D ..........

I feel i can go on with my story.........well they dicided to operate on the Tuesday..........The surgeons were great...but very honest with me...they explained what they were going to do, also telling me they could not say how I would come out of the op, explaing I may not be able to talk, etc etc....you all know what i mean, plus I did not have to have the op if I did not want but that it would happened again, and the next one would kill me. They were very surprised that i had survived this far......Well I told them I had nothing to lose, so go ahead.......my partner was devastated but this was when I thought he would run as we had only been together then for 2 years, and as he was 14 years younger than me I did give him the chance to walk away...but he stayed :D

Well the next I rember it was Thursday, 2 days after my op.......i could talk at least. It was only as time went on i found out what I could not do. Then I was told no driving or work for at least a year, and to take each day etc. Also decided to keep my staples as a souvineer.

As the months passed i realised there was a weakness down my right side...short term memory loss, and the tiredness. It was also during this period that my company retired me on Full Ill health grounds. I did not fight it as I kinew the stress would get me, if I returned.........For the next six years I really did struggle..I felt useless...depressed...then happy...then depressed...what a roller coaster...culminating in my partner and I splitting......he complained I had changed :(

I have now been on my own for the past 5 years......My SAH anniversary will be 14 years next Feb 17th......and I am happy......I have a great family 8 gran kids...whom I love to bits...but do have a special place for one Ciara-Beth......she will be 10 September 1st.....Ciara is a twin but her brother Keiran died shortly after birth but thats another story.

When i meet old members of staff they all tell me haw great I look healthy etc.......am trying to think where I heard recently that SAH is an unseen disabilty...so very true........But for me this site is a bonus.........thanks........Wendy Sept


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Hi there Wendy,

Heather has the same ups and downs as you do. She gets very frustrated and upset sometimes about the unfairness of it all. Prior to her SAH she worked full time and was fully independant. Now she is on sickness benefits and due to the way her SAH has left her she is with somebody 24 hours a day. She has to be to keep her from putting herself at risk. Still she is moving forward and she is still recovering.

You may have heard Heather refer to brain injury as being the hidden disablity on This Morning the other day.

Well time to go and stare at my lawn. Its growing too fast with the rain and it has been to wet to cut it.

See ya.


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Hi Wendy,

Thanks for telling your story ..... Life after a SAH is a rollercoaster ride and I'm only two years in .....it's not always easy to write your story, but I found it quite cathartic......looking back, I'm glad that I did, as I can see how far I've ....very....slowly..... moved on.

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