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Andy and Heather Howland - TV Interview -

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Guest Hannah

Hi Andy, Heather

I just wanted to congratulate you both on such a good interview. I didn't see the magazine and newspaper articles, but I get the impression that you were better represented in this one.

Well done and take care


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Hi Andy and Heather-I saw your interview and thought you both handled it very well-congrats to you both and may things continue to improve.

I thought that Eammon Holmes was a bit of a prat at one point but nothing you can do about that.

It will have certainly raised awareness of this particular complication and in SAH in general.

Anyway -well done to you.

Best wishes

Andy P

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Thanks Andy.

I do hope that it raises awareness of THE issue rather than just Heathers issue. At the moment I am leaning towards the Heathers issue slant but it has got a few people looking at the site so it must have raised awareness somewhere along the line.

Anyway I am at work and have to go.

Take care


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