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Before the "Summit event."

Guest markc

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I am a "Carer' or care giver, as we say in the states. What complicates our post SAH relationship has much to do with events leading up to the "summit" over the course of the previous year or two. My wife, started having what we thought were migraine headaches as a much as four years ago. During the past six months she experienced what can only be described as sinus pressure.

However, compared to the emotional turmoil, these symptoms proved minor. At the time of the event it seemed most of our family and friends were at each other's throats and the common factor seemed to be her.

None of this had any bearing in her recovery in the hospital. I steadfastly remained by her side while in the hospital and I continue to do so at home Though my life has returned to some normalcy, I cannot get the events of the past two years out of my mind and I cannot help but think that they are related to her "summit event."

One last detail, we have not had sex for almost a year and a half.

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Hi Marc,

Sorry for the late reply......I've had to read you post a couple of times, as I wasn't quite sure what you meant. So, here's a couple of questions....when did your wife have her SAH? You sound unhappy, due to past circumstances or events with your wife leading up to what you describe as the "summit"....which I'm presuming that you mean the SAH?

You'll have to forgive me if I've read your post incorrectly, but are you saying that you had a bad relationship before the SAH and you're finding things tough at the minute or is it that, you haven't had a sexual relationship with your wife for a year and a half because of the SAH?

If you can give us a little more detail, then hopefully we can help you out a little ...... there's some good guys on this site, that have been through quite a bit, so I'm hoping that they'll chip in as well. Relationships post SAH can thrive or take a nose dive......I think that it depends on what your relationship was like before the SAH also.

If you don't want to talk on the discussion board, please feel free to private message me.

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Hi Mark,

I know what you mean by emotional turmoil. I have lived through it over the last 2+ years as has probably everyone else on this site.

I log on here pretty much everyday to read posts and chip in every now and then. If you want to talk to a fellow 'caregiver' feel free to message me and I will get back to you.

Take care my friend.


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