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Insensitive so called professionals

Guest kaj

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Yesterday my mom was moved to a subacute facility. Today they did all their eval's. As the day moved on she was more and more confused with all the poking and prodding. Each doctor/therapist had to tell my dad that if she doesn't progress, medicare will make her leave. Like we don't know this. I just love that they are being so negative after knowing my mother for 40 minutes. Unbelievable!!! My father said it was yet again another doom and gloom doctor to lift our spirits. If they can't say for sure what is going to happen then they should just say that and not always give the worst case scenario. Sorry for venting, just frustrated.


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Hi Kim,

Your Mum was probably feeling pretty tired after all of the tests too....

It does make you wonder why some people enter the "caring" profession if they can't display an ounce of sensitivity. Really sorry to hear that you were treated like that.

Thinking of you.....

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