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Discrimination towards SAH survivors

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It's more than 10 years post my SAH.   I've made an excellent recovery but due to the challenges I've had to face during this time I've suffered from considerable anxiety, however successfully overcame the worst of this in recent years.  


Last year I was moved to another work place due to restructuring and shortly afterwards I was put on strict performance management and from comments made by my manager it was apparent that I was being deemed inadequate in some way.  Due to the processes put in place my job is under threat and I eventually became unwell and have been signed off sick from work. 


I am taking advice and I following things up in all the right ways. 


In my previous workplace my managers were well aware of the SAH and the impact on my anxiety levels and supported me enabling me to perform to the best of my abilities and I have almost completed a degree but  have had to put the last part on hold due to being unwell.   It has occurred to me that this might be discrimination and I was told by someone who was meant to be supporting me that no-one who has had an SAH recovers completely.


I would be interested to hear from anyone else who might have been discriminated against because of their SAH.


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