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5 Months since SAH and doing great

Guest redsally

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Guest redsally

I had my SAH 5 months ago, mother's day weekend when I was out of town with a girlfriend. THe paramedic called my husband and told him he need to come and bring the kids, that he didn't think I would make it. I spent 2 months in the hospital out of town, and don't remember much. I have now been home since 7/3 and feel pretty good physically. I have balance issues, vocal cord paralysis from the surgery, a DVT in my right arm, fatigue and starts of depression. I worked parttime before and am now bored out of my mind. I have 2 kids, a 10 yr old boy and a 13 year old girl. Everyone says I am a miracle and it makes me really feel the pressure that I should be more thankful for my life. But to be honest, it doesn't seem like this really happened to me. I know those around me, my husband and my friend that was with me mostly, are more effected by all this than me. Is the feeling of nothing really happening and just wanting to get back to normal something that others feel?

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Hello and Welcome

What you are feeling at the moment is quite normal it does take quite a while to come to terms with having an SAH.

I returned to work after 8 months because I felt bored and restless and just generally needed to be out of the house. Unlike you though I didn't suffer balance problems just dizziness if I was on my feet for too long.

I was fortunate as my employer allowed me to return on p/time medical grounds so I have slowly increased the amount of time I work but have decided to stick on 30 hours as I find that at the end of the week I'm exhausted.

Hope you manage to find something not to tiring that you can do to ease the boredom.

Take it easy

Janet x

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Hi there

Welcome to the site

Yes what you are feeling is very normal, I think we have all felt that in one way or another, I found people around me were more affected by what happened to me than I felt, I was lucky to be alive & I'm lucky to even be able to do this because they didnt really think that I would be, in time my view on it got better I hope the same happens to you, its not an instant repair far from it, I spent a lot of time fighting against it once I accepted what happened I moved forward.

Hope that makes sense I have the tendancy to ramble as others will agree.

Take care


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Hello there

Welcome to the Site.

Yeah I think it does really affect others, because what a shock it must have been for them. I remember very little of about 1-2weeks. But our loved ones are living every moment of it. I Think as people start to see you getting back to good health they start to relax and it does get easier.

Like yourself I was itching to get back to work (I wasn't that excited about work before) Think I just wanted normality. Now nearly a year on I'm still not back to work. But I now know I'm not ready for it. I'm starting to enjoy my time off doing things that I never had time for before like cooking up meals for the freezer or visiting friends.

We all are different and I still miss the normality/social aspect of work but

everytime I look back (3months ago) I see how much I've improved.

Ultimately you know what's best for you. But do listen to your body.

Good luck


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