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Questions to ask Neurosurgeon at follow-up appointments.

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Many people ask what happens at follow up appointments and what questions to ask. Here's a few to start off with:

  • Size/location/type of aneurysm[/*:m:15fam1ck]
  • Grade of SAH[/*:m:15fam1ck]
  • Frequency of follow-up scans etc.[/*:m:15fam1ck]
  • Number of coils[/*:m:15fam1ck]
  • Likelyhood of problems with coils compacting etc.[/*:m:15fam1ck]
  • Likelyhood of problems due to artery occlusion (I had the whole artery blocked off)[/*:m:15fam1ck]

Write them down before you go so you don't forget anything.

Any more?



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I asked what my GCS was as always heard it in causalty.

Mine ranged from 13-15 ish. Which give me incentive as Richard Hammond was 3 and he's doing amazingly. (Don't quote me on Stats as I'm working from Memory)

Should your family get checked.

My Neuro said no its not Hereditary but I know there are mixed views on this.


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Hi All,

When I visited my GP he strongly recommened getting my boys screened as it is on both sides of my family, which I was unaware of until after my op.

He suggested when I visit the neurosurgeon I enquire about this, this appointment should come through at anytime as its 5 weeks tommorow since I was operated on, so I will keep you all posted.

Regards and best wishes to all


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how bizzare, Ive just had my appointment through and my discharge pack, wow wee I know how im supposed to feel now..........

My appointment is scheduled for 22.11.07 and thanks keith Ive written down all the questions you suggest.

I will keep you posted.

Many thanks

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