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(Puzzler) Brain Trainer (usually has a free pen) £2.50

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Hello Folks

I'm still aspiring to a DS Lite but until then I'll try this paper version.

There are Daily Puzzles which apparently work out different aspects of the brain. I could never understand the concept of Sudoku but this mag has a simple version and now I'm flying. :lol:

I have found my abilities increased since I started doing the puzzles, Donald has even started doing them too. (I find the visual things very difficult like spot the difference or find the shape. bizzarre!) This has also improved!

I do warn you, some of the puzzles (symmetrical crossword especially)I hadn't a clue what they wanted (even when I looked up the answers) I was quite disheartened thinking I was completely dense Got the Engineer to explain what I was to do! :lol:

Its Frustrating but Fun

Aine xox

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Hello Aine!

just bought the brain training book....mmmm....very good but must admit, there are some puzzles I can do really quick then others I haven't a clue about??? Just wonder really if this is just me or if its because different parts of our brain are affected??? Hope that makes sense?? Let me know,

love Suexx

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Hi Sue,

Like your self there were some I couldn't do and I got a bit anxious thinking well that bit of the brain must be gone. :( But with Practice and Donald explaining (The symetrical crossword) I'm now flying.

Stick at it. I hardly did any of the first book, gave it to my mum but when I was ready got another one and I found it alot easier. Possibly because it is now familiar to me. I would def do there daily puzzles and then top up with the others, otherwise it could be to overwhelming.

Think we def can retrain these brains :lol:

Good Luck

Aine xox

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Hi Aine,

just bought my 2nd brain trainer book!!! Just love them. Finding that I can do more in them as time goes on but hey!!! those symetrical crosswords???? still in a fog with those?? Good job you've got your Donald!! any tips? My John is very good with numbers, Sudoku etc. but crosswords, no can do.

Am determined to crack them though!

Love Suexx

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