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Relief from headaches

Guest ERuff

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October 15, 2006 was the date I was diagnosed with a SAH. However, at the time and after two angios, no aneurysm or AVM was located. I was told my bleed may have come from a growth on my pituitary gland but was also told 15% of the doctor’s patients have an undiagnosed (unknown cause for) bleed. Well, it has been one year and I am still healing. I still have much pressure behind my eyes and have uneasy feelings in my head and neck. I don’t have anywhere near the pain and dizziness I had in the beginning (I thought I was dieing the first 4 months) but the pressure on my eyes lingers.

I have felt a steady progression in my healing over the last year. Basically, it has gone as follows:

First four months: severe dizziness and pain over entire head, stiff

neck, depressed.

Next four months: dizziness tapered off, the pain seamed to go away

in sections (the back of my head healed first), neck

was less stiff, depression down.

Last four months: pain now on side of head & front, neck not stiff, got

back to working out with weights/ ignoring the pain,

depression down.

Today, it has been 1 year and 1 month and I am still wondering when the pressure behind my eyes will go away. Up until now, after having found this site, I was not sure what I was experiencing was normal. I can see now it is and everyone heals in their own time. Some tips for feeling better and dealing with the headaches:

It may sound funny but I found some relief by wearing a knit hat and earmuffs (even in the summer). I would wear one that was tight on my head and earmuffs the same way. It really helped with the pressure. A friend of mine has a brother who also had a SAH and confirmed that he wore similar hats around the house and found some comfort. Maybe this will help someone so I thought I would share…..


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Hi There

I find wearing a hat this time of year a must as the cold plays havoc with my head. My SAH was clipped so the scar sight can get quite painful when cold. I'm just over a year into recovery and managed to return to the gym after 8 months but I don't do weight lifting at all.

You mention that you get a lot of pressure in your eyes do you have any follow up appointment so you can discuss it with the Neuro. If its causing you real concern it may be worth nagging at them to look into it for you.

Could you give us a name take it Eruff is initial and surname. Anyway take it easy look forward to hearing more from you.

Janet x

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Hello, my name is Eddie.

After 1 week in the hospital I was sent home to heal. My follow up visits with 3 different neurologists all said my MRIs revealed no further problems with my head. I then went to an eye specialist who said, except for some fullness in the vessels around my eyes, I was fine. Now, I see an endocrinologist for the growth on my pituitary gland (the theorized cause of my bleed) who stated early on that it would take at least 6 months to feel normal. However, even though I have progressively gotten better, I still feel far from normal.

At the time of my bleed, I was running in the park. All of a sudden I got this tremendous pain in my upper neck that quickly made its way to my head. I never passed out or lost motor function but my arms started to go numb so I went to the hospital. I also never experienced headaches before (at the time I just turned 35 yrs old) so I knew something was wrong.

The Neurologist prescribed a week of steroids, then just Tylenol w/codeine for the pain. These pills did nothing for the pain and only wound up hurting my liver. I take nothing now and my liver returned to normal function. I am just left with pressure on my eyes and minor issues with breathing but workout regularly. I just have given up running as much as I did and replaced it with many other forms of cardio workout. I do have to run once a year for work but the other cardio keeps me in shape enough to qualify.

NOTE: anyone feel free to write anytime cause I will respond...eventually.

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Hi Eddie

I got told by my Neuro just before he operated that if I looked back in 12 months I would be nearly back to normal. I now know that I will probably never be fully back to normal but I am slowly learning my limits and learning to listen more to my body.

Don't know if you've found it yet but there is a thread under the subarachnoid discussion which deals with the no cause found SAH.

Speak soon and take care

Janet x

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Welcome to the website Eddie!

I also still experience pressure behind the eyes ...... I've often found the eye pain to be worse than the headache ..... I was told that an eye nerve palsy can often be painful. However, as time has passed, I get less episodes, so that's a bonus. :)

I'm 2.5 years post SAH and I've made recovery throughout that time ..... it's been painfully slow, but I don't think that I'll ever return to "normal" ... It's something that I've generally been able to come to terms with .... I still have my odd spells of rebeliing against it and getting frustrated ..... but generally, I'm ok....

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