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I've just started with a new private Physio who coincidently has a special interest in balance.

I was discharged from NHS with no obvious difficulties. I felt things where still not right but was with the physio for my ankle and it progressed for there.

Intially things seemed not too bad but then he did a couple of exercises and I was appalling. However he has given me exercises to build up my resistance and our fav phrase the brain can be retrained. As you'll know balance issues are very common with SAH but this is the first I've heard that exercises can be done to improve it.

Thought you might be interested.

Aine x

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my mom has terrible balance. If you sit her on the side of the bed, she can hold herself up for 30 seconds and then starts to fall backward. I don't think she even realizes that she is doing it. In addition, she can only walk a short distance in the walker but needs someone behind her because she will fall back. What are the exercises? If they are easy to explain through typing, let me know. If it is too hard to explain then don't worry about it.

Thanks, Kim

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Hi Kim

Exercises aren't difficult but I really think this is advice best given by the professionals.

My balance generally isn't badly affected but when pushed there where obvious deficits. I would feel sick when doing exercises at which point I need to stop.

I just wanted to raise awareness to get people to ask their G.Ps etc

I hope you Understand. I can't remember your Mums situation, has she someone looking after her?

Are you ok? You are up late.

Aine x

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Guest Portia del Carmen

I always had appalling balance - never learned to ride a bike properly and roller skating was always going to be a disaster for me!

After my first SAH I started learning T'ai-Chi which improved my balance to such a degree I can't ever tell you! It's also very calming and although the slow movements look like they are easy and no effort it has the excellent benefit of toning muscles like mad - I guess a bit like yoga does. I also have the benefit that the master of my T'ai Chi school practices traditional Chinese medicine - not just herbal stuff but also acupressure. He was able to tell me exactly where my initial bleed was and also the remaining 3 aneurysms just by doing something with my thumbs which freaked me out a bit.

Another benefit was him curing my knee problem (at least for the last 3 years) by doing something with my arm...

I know this all sounds a bit wierd and hippy-dippy-chick, but it's something worth looking at.

Back to balance, since starting T'ai Chi I have been skiing for the first time, really quite successfully and can happily stand on one leg which was unheard of before - it's something definitely worth looking into!

Still can't ride a bike though, but I think I can live with that!

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