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St Johns Wort and Green Tea

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Hi Everyone

Was looking into herbal remedies which boost weight loss and found an

A-Z of medicines with some herbal remedies that interact with different medicines.

Anyone who like myself take Tricyclic meds anti-depressants might find it useful.

Green Tea in large quantities can apparently decrease the absorpion of drugs into the system and they recommend a two hour period of ingestion.

Can also cause iron deficiency.

Also St Johns Wort can have an undesirable effect (not specified) if taken with Tricyclic medication.

Heres' the link for anyone interested.

http://www.baldwins.co.uk/perl/go.pl/he ... ID=1529009

Janet x

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Hi Jan, interesting stuff...... so I'll bear it in mind .... I didn't realise that Green Tea had a high caffeine level or caused iron deficiency.....all that I knew, was the it was a good anti-oxidant... but won't drink it in the future, as I've had folic deficient anaemia. so it probably didn't help!

I do take St. John's wort ..... but, be warned (if this affects you) it can hinder the absorption of the contraceptive pill ..... If anybody decides to take a herbal remedy, then you really need to do your homework and if in doubt speak to your GP.

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