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Guest erbowman

I just got a call from gp. Had a CT Monday. Said I will have a MRA to confirm if I have an aneurism or not. What are the symptoms you guys had? I developed Migraines about -3 years ago but they seem to be more frequent. They hit me just over my left eye. When they are more severe, its like an ice pick trying to poke through my skull!. Sometimes it gets a side facial numbness and some vision difficulties in that eye. Last week I went to the ER b/c the pain was so bad and I started throwing up.

Now the CT shows a possible aneurism

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Hi Erbowman

Had similar symptoms to yourself only the first thunderclap headache was early Oct 07, followed by a month of bad headaches, mainly over and behind my right eye and right hand back of neck (like the artery was being tightened from back of neck right over head to back of right eye).

Then 8 November had another worse thunderclap headache and was taken in for CT scan on Monday 12 Nov 07. Diagnosed with major bleed from aneurysm and that there had been a bleed from a smaller aneurysm weeks previously.

Major aneurysm coiled Tues 13 Nov 07. (See full Lesley's Story on the articles page).

If you feel up to it, have a read through the Articles section and you can will see a lot of us had similar symptoms to yourself.

In your case, it looks like they have spotted an aneurysm haven't they? Its just they want to confirm it before they think about the appropriate treatment.

Thinking about you, hope all will be well, let us know how you get on. You will find a lot of comfort on here after any possible operation and during your recovery. This site has literally been a lifeline for me and they are a wonderful bunch of people.

Big hug

Lesley xxx

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Hi Erbowman and Welcome

I had very similar symptoms to you terrible pain behind my left eye off and on for about six weeks befrore my SAH. To begin with I put it down to eye strain as I was doing a lot of proof reading at work.

It was only when it got severe and I was violently sick that I realised it was probably something more serious by which time the intense screwdriver pain behind my caused a Third Nerve Palsy and I lost most of the sight in my left eye for a while.

It sounds quite positive that they think it maybe an Aneurysm at least that way you should hopefully be able to be treated and monitored.

Hope you get the right treatment soon as Lesley says let us know how you get on.

Janet x

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Hi Erbowman and welcome this fantastic site.

Yes I had similar symptoms too but unlike you mine was misdiagnosed and I treated for different things before finding out exactly what it was.

Hopefully they have caught yours and you will recieve the treatment you need quickly and then be monitored and cared for.

Let us know how you get on and good luck. My thoughts are with you.



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Guest Shygirl268

Hi Erbowman, pleased to meet you! I'm new to this site and also to the world of aneurysms having being diagnosed in October with two of them. I had similar symptoms to you that led me firstly to A&E, then various trips to GP, a referral to the Opthalmology department (despite me telling them it wasn;t my eye that was the problem but 'something not right in my head') and i eventually had to go privately to have a MRI scan. I suffer(ed) severe pain behind my right eye (i have a small aneurysm here), dizziness, headaches, muscle weakness, extreme tiredness but i have been told by neurosurgeon that none of these symptoms are related to the aneurysm... how do they know that definitively I muse often!

Keep us posted with your results and your progress. Best wishes. Julie

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Guest erbowman

Thanks for all the replies. I was wondering if that could be a common pain. I just could not get over getting migrainesa at my age. I am 36 and I would have thought if I had one that they would have started sooner.

Not sure right now it is an aneurism. I had a MRA scheduled for Sat but I called my pcp and he changed it to today at a different facility. They will read scan Tommorrow and hopefully will know in the eve or Friday. I started getting another headache tonight but took some meds. Gone for now. I tell you what is odd. I received four different meds in the ER. 1 steroid, 1 NSAID, inapsine and benadryl. Since then my eyesight has improved and I can't wear my glasses. Slowly it is returning back to normal. This was kind of scary since that might mean there was some inflamation somewhere and the meds temperarely fixed it. I don't know what is next but I will check back often.

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