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Light Filters?

Guest pam

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Hi, I dont know if I have the name right but does anyone know anything about what is best described is a coloured perspex sheet that can be placed over bright white paper to help light sensitive patients and if so where would I get one?

I have suffered from light sensitivity for many years. After my aneurysm surgery it actually improved a bit and the symptoms i got changed. I wear reactolite glasses which help. However, at work when looking a white paper, envelopes etc with dark black print I often get migraine and visual disturbances as a result. A friend told me she was sure there were these coloured clear perspex square sheets that could be placed over white paper to help people like me, but she didnt know where they could be bought. Anyone heard of them?


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Hi Pam

My daughter was severely dyslexic and used to use the the coloured perspect sheets for school/college work. You should be able to get them from any good stationary shop such as WHSmiths.

Hope that is of some use to you.

Janet x

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Hi there

Yes, I've seen those Janet, when I'm in a shop called Staples where I get all my computer stuff, paper ect, (overhead projector overlays) :roll:

Pam my optic neirve was badly damaged so I'm very light sentive now....

Take care


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Thanks Janet and Louise for your help, thanks Janet for telling me the names of them, my local small stationers dont have them but I am in both Edinburgh and Newcastle next week so should manqage to get some in one of those places. Louise - re the optic nerve. My largest aneurysm (the first they coiled) was close to the optic nerve.

bye for now


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