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Parkinsonian Symptoms

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Hi to all, my mum had a SAH in may, she required a temporary shunt and was coiled. She is doing very well now considering her bleed was so bad. The main problems she is having are to do with her walking. She shuffles her feet and breaks into a run which she cant stop or control. As you can imagine this is very scary for her and is very restrictive in that we dont want her walking alone incase she falls and yet we dont want to impede on her progress or independence. The doctor has said its like symptoms that parkinson sufferers display but that she doesnt have parkinsons. He is now saying that the hydrocephalus may not be regulating itself normally and a permenant shunt may be needed. We have to wait and see how the problem progresses before we do anything. The problem was not always there since the bleed but it developed only quite recently so hopfully it will disapear in the same maner. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced walking problems like this or also slight incontinence problems? Thanks in advance

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Firstly, welcome to the site! :)

So sorry to hear about your Mum. How old is your Mum? it's easier to reply to you if we know a little more detail.

I'm 44, 15 months on from my bleed......but just about to have some physio for balance problems that affect my walking. I feel as though I shuffle, rather than walk.....a bit like a toddler! It can be a little hit and miss with the diagnosis.....I've also had an eyesight problem, so I thought that it was this that was affecting my walking, but it's apparently the damage caused to the brain by the bleed. When the fatigue kicks in, my walking is also a lot worse. Resting up is very important...but it takes time to understand how you're body is reacting. I was temporarily paralysed on my left hand side and therefore, my left leg is weaker and it's definetly magnified when I'm tired.

I only experienced incontinence when I was having seizures, due to the abnormal brain activity ...... but I know that it's a problem for a fair few SAH sufferers. Did your Mum experience seizures?

Your Mum is still quite early on with her recovery and hopefully with the right support you will continue to see her improve. Recovery period seems to be very much an individual thing and there doesn't seem to be a "set" time ..... we are all very different and a lot of us still have remaining issues, whether it's physical or mental issues.

If your Mum still has physical issues, such as the shunt to be resolved etc...may be that's delaying her recovery and causing her the physical problems.

If you are worried are you able to contact her Consultant and ask him the questions that are on your mind? It does take time to get over a SAH and the recovery can be so slow that you barely notice the changes.

The younger you are, it does seem that you have a faster recovery....but nothing is impossible.....it's just a little bit slower.

Keep supporting your Mum and encouraging her and if in doubt ask the Consultant.

Hope that you will let us know how she's getting on.

Good luck to you all and best wishes to your Mum,

Love Karen x

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Hi and thanks for the welcome and fast reply. My mum is 64 but she was very fit and healthy before the SAH so I guess thats stood to her. She is just so impatient and so she feels her recovery is very slow and that shes going backwards and not forwards. We are on to her consultant all the time. Our last appointment was wed. just passed and he said its best not to rush into the shunt so to wait and see if the problem either rectifies itself or deteriorates. We are seeing another consultant next week so it will be good to have a different opinion on things. She never had seizures, that sounds very scary! Was that long after th bleed?

We are trying to get mum onto a laptop at the moment so that she can use forums like this herself. She mastered texting years ago so it should be no problem to her! Il get her to send a post once shes up and running. Thanks again for your reply and for sharing your experience, i hope ur recovery continues

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Well, it's good that your Mum was in good health before the bleed....I don't think that the medics like performing brain surgery unless it's absolutely necessary.....I suppose like any operation, there's always a risk, so their explanation to you is probably quite justified in the circumstances.

I was pretty impatient with my recovery.....thought that I would be back to normal after 3 months.....unfortunately, it didn't happen...I wasn't being realistic......it's taken me to the 12 month point to actually feel that I'm beginning to recover.......mentally it can be very hard to accept and that why good support from everybody is paramount....just somebody to be able to nip down to the shops for a pint of milk, do some ironing etc. so that things don't get on top of you and hinder your recovery or make you anxious. Being able to talk to others that have also suffered a SAH is also important......your Mum will be able to see that she's not alone and if she fancies a good moan, then there's lots of us that will listen! :lol:

There's a few people on the site that are pretty new to using a computer...but it's a really good tool and such a great way of communicating if you're stuck in the house. She's probably better than me at texting!! :lol:

I had the seizures as soon as I had the bleed.....I was also incontinent....which wasn't nice to find out!!.....I had 3 in the ambulance and one more after my coiling....apparently due to low sodium levels....touch wood, nothing since!

It can be all very slow going.....that's not abnormal.......I'm sure that you will receive replies from the other guys using this board that will agree...just keep her spirits up and tell her how well she's doing.

It must be very hard on the whole family.....so take care of yourself as well,

Love K x

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