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Tony's Story

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What can I say? Your story has me crying tears down my face. You have written your story so tenderly, bless you. You are indeed a miracle, and the staff that helped you at St Mary's sound like true Angels, God Love Them.

Warm hugs to you,

H xx

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Hi Tony

Gosh what a story: an epic literally!

Your story had me crying and laughing. You must be so proud to have come this far. What a turnaround. Your family must be delighted.

I think your story will inspire many, many people who come on here post SAH and wonder if they can make progress to a full recovery. With a story like this it is truly inspirational.

Big hug

Lesley xxx

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Hi Tony,

What a story! It's a great incite into just how much an SAH can affect somebody so much.

Since reading it I've been getting Sharon to look to the left - she did for a couple of nights although tonight she wouldn't, stubborn or what! I do believe that Sharon, like yourself, will only see a complete blur without definition, so I'll continue to try and get her to look left. Anything like this is invaluable to her.

Thanks so much Tony, and what a recovery!!



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HI Tony, Great to see your story on here, you now have it posted on three sites which includes mine at

( http://www.strokesurvivors.co.uk )

It can now be read by a lot more people, they will all gain Encouragement and see what can be Achieved through hard work and the great support given by your family, friends and the people that helped in the beginning.

I have the pleasure of knowing you and being able to visit you at home now, and I can see and feel the effort you and your wife Ness, (your name for her) put in so you to move on.

Thanks for sharing you story with so many people, take care.

Your friend


Visit Tony's chat room as Jess say's it is great at http://www.chatshack.net/antiquarian

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