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At Last

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Hi All

At last I have had my angiogram (last Thursday), I had been worried as they found a spur on my last MRI scan. On the Friday morning 5 doctors surrounded my bed and one said "Why did you have an angiogram?" and I told them to whch I was told I could go home and they will write to me to make an appointment for the result. They really fill you with confidence don't they. I suppose if they had found something serious I would still be lying on the ward bed

The most difficult thing I found was lying on my back for 8 hours (my last angiogram was 6 hours) I am aching all over now. Also I can't wee lying down so had to have catheter fitted, my didn't my eyes water when they took it out, you really wanted to know that didn't you.

Lovely weather we're having. My next instalment will be when I have my appointment whenever that might be. Hope you are all keeping well.


John :D

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Oh John

Had to laugh! Never mind, at least the angiogram is behind you now. Hopefully you'll get their feedback soon. Hope it just isn't a letter like mine saying all is satisfactory we'll see you again in Nov 2009 (when I'm walking around with an unexploded bomb oops aneurysm in my brain!). Still waiting for a reply to my email to the neurosurgeon's secretary where I asked for more detail i.e. can I fly, will I see the summer out? You know the kind of stuff. :roll:

Its too beautiful out there this evening to do anything but laugh and be glad to be alive!

Have a lovely evening

Big hug

Lesley xxx

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