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Not talking


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Can anyone tell me why someone would not talk after they start eating.


Seems everything is ok physically but don.t think hubby knows himself what problem is.


Does eating require a lot of energy after a brain bleed or could the fact he is feeding himself be the problem I am concerned he will not get enough food in his body are they watching his caloric intake.anyone have any theories on this.thanks

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Great to hear that hubby is eating but sounds like his voice has disappeared. 


How is his cognition generally, is he more or less attentive, has anything else changed? Is he able to communicate via a tablet, there are some good apps now so you can ask basic questions and just tap for yes no to help aid communication when there is no voice. 


I would ask for speech therapy assessment and also check with his doctors to see if there is concern. If he feels he could speak but can't then that needs checking out but that's just my opinion. 


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