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Guest yasmin

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Guest yasmin

Hi All just did big post and lost it all :evil:

Anyway start again if I can remember :D

I have been a bit under the weather for a couple of weeks and thought I might rack you beautiful brains!

I've had Abdomen pain,Nausea,Excessive sweating etc etc you name it I've had it

Anyway the Dr said it could be Hypothyroidsm and so I am going for a blood test next week, has anyone else developed this? its quite common after SAH? and common anyway(under active thyroid)my Daughter and Mum have it but I had tests last year and they were ok. I'm a bit worried that my symtoms are related to my Heart but dare not ask the Dr anymore he will think I'm a hypracondriat (spelt wrong hav'nt you got a spell checker on this new one Karen?):lol:

Anyone just thought I'd ask

No sun here just really hot or is that just me having another hot flush :lol:

Yesterday was wonderful I lay in the sun all day it makes me so happy

Tina you are doing really well my dear must be that positive determined nature us recruiters have!!

Will catch up soon

Was also wandering how many of you guys live in surrey/south London as I would like to arrange a coffee morning in the next few months

Let me know

Off out to sunday lunch today yum yum

Have a lovely day all of you


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Hi Yasmin :D:D

Hope you are feeling better today, i know what you mean about the sun... it does it for me :lol:

I dont know anything about under active thyroid, sorry, but i know i was checked for that as well as the change. Mine is the change :roll: Good luck with the blood test, i will call you anyway in the week. As for coffee morning, count me in, that is if i can get a lift sorted over to you, will ask my Mum or Lynn.

Any date in mind yet?

Take care honey

Love Tinaxx

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Hi Yasmin

Sorry to hear that you're having a rough time at the moment. I had a full blood tests run in the june of 06 because I was constantly tired and nauseaous and my G.P thought it could be a problem with my thyroid but the test were normal.

He eventually just put it down to the strain my body had been under as I had broken my foot and damaged all the tendons in the foot and ankle in the previous October and was still undergoing treatment for the damage.

I hope the blood tests go well and they can find out whats causing it for you.

Janet x

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Guest yasmin

Thanks Janet and Tina

I'm sure I will be fine, all these little things are sent to test us :)

Just been out for sunday lunch i'm stuffed now must go for a little nap




ps Tina I was thinking of Aug

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