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Hi all

I'm now 6 months post SAH with no cause identified. I've had a sharp headache since last Wednesday. Sometimes it's like a hot poker in my head. This weekend I ended up going to AED as it was worrying me. I had a CT, bloods and LP to rule out another bleed. All normal thank goodness. My BP's been up too, it was sky high in hospital. I'm at home now trying to manage the pain, no real advice given, I didnt see any neuro team over the weekend. This morning I couldnt even move my head as the pain in the back of it was so bad. This has been 5 days now which is getting me down and I don't really understand what's causing it. 

Can anyone help? Does anyone else get prolonged headache like this?



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Hi Kathie


sorry you still seem to be suffering from headaches , mine had settled by this point. Are you taking regular pain relief to help deal with them? Sometimes it helps to take meds regularly to get the pain under control and then come off when they are settled. However I am not a doctor and am not qualified to give medical advice. 

Have you tried speaking to a nurse specialist at the Neuro unit you were treated? They can often be really great with advice. 

See if you can get in touch with one and let us know how you get on. Hope things improve. 


Clare xx

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