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Lost drive

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SAH affects people differently and in my case my libido has increased! There is no 'normal' just what 'may' happen.

This may in part be due to the fact that I realise now just how much I truly love my hubby who has supported and been there for me throughout and partly because the SAH is in an area of the brain that controls sexual drive?

This does not mean my self confidence has soared too however, and again I look to my partner to ensure I 'feel' secure.

There is a blog elsewhere on this site that dealt with similar issues previously......?


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Jim just seems to have lost any interest at all. :( It is not that he does not want to it is that he does not feel anything.

His doctor checked his testotorane which he has had problems with before his SAH but his levels have never been better.

It has been 7 months so we are hoping things will get better.

As always,


Cal and Jim


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If it is causing you distress or worry then please seek help - counselling groups or as couples is surely available if you were to ask? Do not let this be a problem, it is not unusual, so be brave and talk to your doctor or look for other professional advice.

Take care

Jane xxxx :D

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Guest yasmin

Call and Jim

What you are going through is common I to lost my libido its exhaustion to and confidence it all goes out the window, also my fear was that I'd have another SAH in the early days, my partner was extremely patient with me and now its returning slowly but returning just the same

good luck



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