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  1. Hi Paula, Welcome to BTG. Hope to hear more from you soon. Get plenty of rest and take care. Cal XXXX
  2. Hi Norma, Welcome to BTG. Like Karen stated you are doing very well early on. Please remember to rest and take care of yourself. Hope to hear more from you. Cal XXXX
  3. Hi Geraldine and John, Welcome to both of you. Cal XXXX
  4. Hi Linda, Jim was prescribed Ritalin. The doctor said it was used to stimulate his brain. He was on it for awhile but felt much better not taking it. He said it made him racy. What are the symptoms that you have that the doctor would subscibe it to you? I am curious as to why he would give it to you after 3 years. But then again I am not a doctor Cal XXXX
  5. Hi Jan, Welcome to BTG. It does seem so unfair with work at times. Just remember your getting better is the most important thing. Take things very slow you are still early in recovery. Things really do get better. Cal XXXX
  6. Cal

    My story

    Hi Kelley, Welcome to BTG boy, what a story! I cannot believe how much you remembered and how many days you suffered. Thanks for sharing your story! Cal XXXX
  7. Hi Debbie, Warm welcomes to BTG. Hope to hear more from you when you are ready. Cal XXXX
  8. Thank you all! Stephen, yes St Martin is very nice. Enjoy! Cal XXXX
  9. Hi and a warm welcome to BTG. As the others have stated it is very early in your Dad's recovery. Everyone on this site is warm and caring. It does get better. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Cal XXXX
  10. Hi Everyone, Sorry we have been away for awhile. We finally flew and went to St Martin for a much needed vacation With all the worrying I did everything went well and we had a great time:thumbsup: Today is Jim's second year anniversary and with all that has happened in the past 2 years we are very happy that things are going the way they are. Jim is out on disability and getting the rest that he needs. Once again we want to thank all of you for your love and support during a tough time in our lives. Hope all is well with everyone. Love, Cal and Jim XXXX
  11. Hi Sam, Welcome to BTG. My husband Jim also suffered a non aneurysm sah. You are very early in recovery and your emotions will be all over the place for awhile. If you have any specific questions you will for sure get answers on this site. You have found a site with wonderful, caring people. Take it slow and listen to your body. Cal XXXX
  12. Hi, Jim also suffered a non-aneurysm SAH. If you have any questions, let us know. Cal XXXX
  13. Tina is right John. Please keep positive. It does get better and you are lucky. We are all here for you:-D Cal XXXX
  14. Hi John, Welcome to BTG. You will find many wonderful people on this web site that will help with you any questions you have. We have learned that people of all ages suffer an SAH. The reasons are unknown. I am so sorry to learn of the passing of your father. I also lost my father this year. Dealing with the death of a parent is a very hard thing to go through. Please do not push yourself to do too much. You really must take it very slow. you are very early in your recovery and you need to rest as much as you can. Pushing youself too hard to only make your recovery slower, not to mention how you will feel. Stress the importance to your housemate the serverity of what you have gone through and the importance of them doing for YOU at this time. It does get better, you are the one who needs to rest. Hope to hear more from you. Take care of yourself. Cal XXX
  15. Hi Helen, Welcome to BTG. Cal XXXX
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