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Muscle Spasms

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Hello everyone , 

 I am a SAH and stroke survivor. It happened 6 weeks ago. I have been pretty good about not having anymore headaches.


But yesterday morning my right arm started having spasms at the elbow area, but its the forearm muscle and lower biceps that is doing it and then swelling at the wrist. and then today my right side of my middle part of where my bra strap is, is also doing the same thing.


After it happens my arm and back location gets numb and tingling and really fatigue feeling and then I started getting pressure pain in my head again.


So I went to ER they did CT scans and xray and EKG and can't find nothing that would cause it.. so what I was so seeing if anyone uexperience this and what you found out about it.


Thank you for your wonderful time for reading this.




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I get a lot of cramps but mainly in my feet but not spasms,  apart from where my vein in my arm is shot from too many injections.


But had that since 2009 since out of it and I was all tubed up as my Daughter puts it.


Good luck and hope it goes  xx 


All the best


Win xxxxx


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