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Disclaimer with regard to Driving forum and threads


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Our decision to add a separate section to the forum about Driving after SAH is in response to the common questions asked about Driving after the event , regaining a licence if it has been revoked, and to share experiences of driving whilst living with common defecits post bleed.


The threads that follow should not be taken as absolute fact, or provide any definitive answers, as to whether someone could or should drive.  This site takes no responsibility for your actions, because you must check your own rules and regulations (both driving and medical), whichever state or country you are in. This is common sense, really.  It merely seeks to advise you of other peoples' experiences.  We do our best to moderate any postings we find that we feel are not appropriate, or need toning down, but you are responsible for anything you do once you get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle of whatever type.


Everyone is urged to apply common sense, good judgement and complete their own due diligence, or what is appropriate to their own situation, and of course, to follow the laws in their country. Please seek and follow all appropriate professional medical advice with regards to Driving post a SAH.


If there is a reason why you are not driving now, ie vision problems, dizziness, loss of movement, surgery , lasting disability, medication, insurance, then whilst these threads may share some experiences that may help you, it is important you defer to your treating Medical Team, and then your Driving Authority, for their assessment of your driving capability. 


No one has all the answers on getting back to Driving after SAH. Each person's situation is unique to the individual and their bleed.


Sadly, for some it may never be a possibility, but many members have shared experiences of how they have found getting back behind the wheel, from how long it took them, to the obstacles they overcame on the way.  Remember that you have a responsibility to other road users, drivers and pedestrians alike, to ensure you are fit to drive, before you get back behind the wheel.  Safety is paramount, for all our sakes.


In many cases, the biggest hurdle to getting a license back is time. We hope these threads and discussion can shed some light and bring hope. Good luck to you all.

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