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Restless leg after getting off of Keppra

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I had a perimesencephalic SAH at the end of September. Spent 3 days in ICU, one night on the neuro floor, then home. 


Extreme fatigue, vision issues, feeling terrible, etc etc. It took me about 1.5-2 months to start feeling like myself again. Even then, I would still tire easily. 


3 weeks ago I had my second cerebral angiogram, both negative. That is when I received the Diagnosis of perimesencephalic SAH. 


I was started on keppra while in hospital, and just weaning off as of yesterday. Very slow weaning. 


The last 4-5 days I am having symptoms of restless leg syndrome (numb, tingling, urge to move it) when my leg is at rest (sitting/driving/ trying to go to sleep)


Have any of you had trouble with this? It’s not terrible, but is bothersome.


Also, earlier on in my recovery, I experienced a visual disturbances where I would see a rectangle with black and white squiggles around it, and inside the rectangle I couldn’t see anything. Have any of you had this experience? 


It has been very helpful and encouraging to read your stories and experiences! Thanks in advance. 


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I get it in corner of my eye,  I lay down dark room shut eyes and after 20 mins it goes a paracetamol helps me  xxx form of migraine but see Doc and double check xxxx  Do not know as still on Keppra xxxx


Good luck 


Win xxxx

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